SRN Executive Minutes October 2018

Agenda SRN EC Meeting

30.10.2018 at 17.30 Chile

Attending: CB (Chair), CT (Minutes), AT, CM, JF, MM, PR

  1. Minutes of the last two meetings

One correction in the minutes of the short meeting at Milan; Paolo and Margaret’s responsibilities: Paolo – Membership, Margaret – treasurer

Minutes approved

  1. Experiences from Milano:

Feedback to the Milano session focused on the following points:

Too many panels at the same time

Too many keynotes

The number of panels are an effect of the growing network. Additional workshops or one-day conferences on special topics could somehow relieve the annual conference. But in general we are happy to expand.

There should be a difference between keynotes, interviews and other formats. Keynote speakers should focus on the conference’s topic. There should be a balance between scholars and practitioners as well a gender balance.

Three or four keynotes would be enough.


2.2. Photos of sessions (Paolo)

JF will post some of the photos Armando sent us on social media.


2.3. Spaces to have informal meetings (CSB)

There should be a space at our annual conferences where people can meet, talk and network.


  1. News from Porto Conference

The organizers of the Porto conference want our feedback on their CfP and the forms of presentation they want to offer. We agree to collect individual feedback per e-mail, and send let Anna as the conference liaison for Porto communicate it.


  1. Newsletter

Will be send out soon.


  1. SRN Webpage and social media:

5.1. Content: FB and Twitter @SRNConference

5.2 Link resources (SARP and Bibliography) on a regular basis for more visibility

5.3. A few corrections/updates needed on website


We have more than 100 followers on Twitter since JF started an account, (we have over 1000 on FB)

JF will send a request for content once a month to find infos for social media and the newsletter.

He will also remind people of SARP and the bibliography.

PR suggests a list of things to change on our website. We will all collect proposals until the next meeting.

There might be a membership area on our website.

Could there be an EC corner on our website?


  1. ECRs questionnaire (John)

JF will prepare a questionnaire for ECR.

Infos about research funding are needed. Early Career screenwriting researchers might want to have a place where they can present their work online, even if it is not yet finished.

Is a database of PhD thesis in screenwriting research possible?

Book reviews for the JoS would be a chance for first publications. (and more reviews)


  1. Relationship between the SRN and the JoS.

7.1. Encouraging scholars to publish about screenwriting in other Journals

7.2. Diversity and awareness (CSB)


postponed to next meeting


  1. Membership:

8.1. More formal membership, introducing membership fees?

8.2. Access to website/JISCMail

8.3. Membership data handling


Ronald Geerts will give PR access to our membership data. Other topics postponed.


  1. Funding: call, networking fund application (COST)



  1. Awards

CT will communicate the award via different channels. Others are invited to support the distribution of the awards information.


  1. Any other business

Date of next meeting: November 20th2018 at 21:30 Vienna time