New Book – ‘Screenwriting Poetics and the Screen Idea’

IanMacdonald_bookIan Macdonald, co-founder of the SRN, has published a new book: ‘Screenwriting Poetics and the Screen Idea‘, Palgrave Macmillan.

This is a new and original investigation into how screenwriting works, applying a range of film, media and creative theories to the study and research of screenwriting.  It includes three new, original case studies: story development in the successful ITV soap Emmerdale, the silent film work of Hitchcock’s first major screenwriter Eliot Stannard (‘exemplary scholarship’ says Emeritus Professor Charles Barr), and on David Lean’s last, unfinished ‘magnum opus’, Nostromo.
SRN members can get 20% off this publication. Quote ‘XP356ED’ when ordering the book directly from Palgrave Macmillan to claim your discount.

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This is the first title in the new Palgrave Studies in Screenwriting book series. Further titles will be published in December, and in the New Year. More information on these to follow.
The wonderful photo of the cover has to be credited to Dan Bush © 2006. Hope you enjoy the book.