Working Groups

A number of working groups are being established by SRN members in order to develop networking, exchanges and events relating to specific expertise and interests.

Please be in touch with the contact person identified for each group if you wish to become involved.

We will post more information as these working groups are formed.



This working group is a place for members who are involved in practice based/led research around the screenplay to share experience, methodology and approaches. As academic forums develop for creative practice films, the screenplay, continues to be rarely published or seen; it occupies a liminal status somewhere between screen studies and creative writing studies – something else we can debate. We also intend to develop a resource of academic journals and non-academic publications that are interested in research screenplay outputs.

There is a closed Facebook group to facilitate discussion through the year between the annual conferences which can be found here:

To join the working group contact: Max Gee at



This group focuses on teaching the art and craft of writing for the screen and explores how culture, tradition, and philosophical preferences shape education in screenwriting worldwide. As a working group, we want to declare both a practical aim and a conceptual curiosity on exploring, expanding, and evolving how we look at screenwriting teaching.

The comparative take is an invitation to a forum where no tradition is considered more valuable than others, and dominant practices are analysed and considered as the result of historical conditions, not the mark of intrinsic excellence.

Comparative analysis, debates, examples, projects, new methods, and studies are welcome in an attempt to look at screenwriting from micro and macro perspectives, from the corners and the centre, in that essential topics such as the teaching of structure, dialogue, and character are welcome alongside debates and examples of alternative dramaturgy, adaptation, and hybrid methodologies.

Read the latest on their Comparative Screenwriting Teaching blog here (under construction).

The Comparative Screenwriting working group now has its own Youtube channel too, which can be accessed here.

Led by: Dr. Romana Turina

To join the working group contact: Romana Turina at


Reach us directly via the Facebook group:




In this working group, the focus is on collaborative forms of screenwriting and content development for screen.  This may involve teams of writers or interdisciplinary development and writing methods involving, for example, actors, musicians or dancers. See here for information on the working group members. We also have a closed Facebook group to facilitate discussion amongst members of the working group.  If you are a scholar, practitioner or practice-researcher engaged in – or interested in pursuing – such work, do please get in touch.

Contact: Virginia Pitts, email:



The working group on Women and Screenwriting is a focal point for all those interested in the historical study of women screenwriters and their scripts. Involvement is welcomed from scholars and practitioners relating to studies of individual writers, specific films, representations of women by women, and practice based research. If any aspect of women writing for the screen is your subject please get in touch.

Contact: Anne Woods, email: