The Screenwriting Research Network is a research group consisting of scholars, reflective practitioners and practice-based researchers interested in research on screenwriting. The aim is to rethink the screenplay in relation to its histories, theories, values and creative practices.

The network commenced in 2006 within the Louis Le Prince Research Centre, at the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS), University of Leeds.

During the last ten years the network has grown rapidly. Yearly conferences have attracted a growing number of people around the world to share experiences and discuss problematics of screenwriting research.

The conferences have taken place in Leeds (2008), Helsinki (2009), Copenhagen (2010), Brussels (2011), Sydney (2012), Madison, Wisconsin (2013) Potsdam-Babelsberg (2014), London (2015) and Leeds (2016).  In 2015, the SRN also widened the geographic spread to Latin America, with a Special Conference in Santiago, Chile in May. The tenth annual conference took place in Dunedin, NZ, in September 2017.