The Screenwriting Research Network is a research group consisting of scholars, reflective practitioners, and practice-based researchers interested in research on screenwriting. The aim is to rethink the screenplay in relation to its histories, theories, values, and creative practices.

The network commenced in 2006 within the Louis Le Prince Research Centre, at the University of Leeds.

During the last fourteen years, the network has grown rapidly. Yearly conferences have attracted a growing number of people around the world to share experiences and discuss the problematics of screenwriting research.

The conferences have taken place in Leeds (2008), Helsinki (2009), Copenhagen (2010), Brussels (2011), Sydney (2012), Madison, Wisconsin (USA) (2013) Potsdam-Babelsberg (2014), London (2015), Leeds (2016), Dunedin, NZ, (2017), Milan (2018), Porto (2019), online in Oxford (2021), Vienna (2022), and Columbia, Missouri (USA) (2023). The 16th international, in-person conference is scheduled to take place on 11 – 14 September 2024 in Olomouc (Czech Republic). The conference website can be accessed here.

In May 2015, the SRN also widened the geographic spread of its conferences to Latin America, with a Special Conference in Santiago, Chile. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 13th SRN Annual Conference, originally due to take place in 2020 in Oxford (UK), was replaced by the SRN2021 Seminar Series Online, still based in Oxford.



​As we plan for our next annual conference, this is a Call for Nominations to the SRN Executive Council. At the next AGM, several members will be elected to fill the expected vacancies and will serve for two academic years. The AGM will be held in September 2024 during the conference in Olomouc. (The exact date and time of the AGM is forthcoming.)
In order to stand for election: 
– Find two SRN members (a Proposer and a Seconder) who are willing to support your nomination. (You can be your own proposer.)
– You, your proposer, and seconder should be “members in good standing,” which means you must have formally signed up to the SRN at least one year ago – before 18 June 2023.
– Draft a Statement (max 250 words) to support your nomination. This typically includes a short bio and/or info about you, your main interests, your participation in the SRN, and why you wish to stand for election.
– You or your Proposer must submit the statement in support of your nomination to the Secretary of the Executive Council, Anna Weinstein, at least four weeks before the date of the election. To simplify the process this year, we suggest that you submit your nomination by August 1, 2024. Email: annaweinstein@hotmail.com OR aweinst6@kennesaw.edu.
If you are new to the SRN and do not yet know a member to ask to second your nomination, contact the Membership and Inclusion officer who can tell you the date you subscribed and is happy to second nominations for those genuinely interested in furthering the aims of the SRN as part of the Executive Council.
Once all nominations have been received and all “good standing” status confirmed: 
– The Secretary will make all nominations and statements available to the Membership no later than fourteen days before the date of the election (in early September).
– If nominations exceed vacancies, there shall be an election by secret ballot.
– From then on, all proceedings (including ballots, management of the election if held, and appointment of new members of the EC) will be impartially overseen by two Scrutineers, independent from the Executive Council.
– The results of the Elections will be announced at the close of the AGM and, subsequently, via our usual communications outlets (i.e., Jiscmail mailing list, SRN website and Facebook page).
Please consider standing for election! We can assure you it is a very pleasurable task, involving monthly chats online with lovely colleagues and light duties! You can get a sense of the roles on the Executive Council and what they entail by checking out the current members’ bios:
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Council Secretary or any current or past member.
Your SRN Executive Council

Working Groups Update

Information about our Working Groups is included here.

The latest Seminar run by the Comparative Screenwriting Working Group (Romana Turina) is available here.

This is the last Seminar for this academic year. Stay tuned for more later in 2024.


The Creative Play Working Group held their 4th Seminar on 1st May 2024. Contact Dr Chris Neilan for more details:


Latest Meeting of the Executive Council

Congratulations and welcome, Hugo Arciniegas, our new Early Career Researcher on the Executive Council! Hugo will work with Clarissa Miranda to continue her good work as our previous Early Career Researcher. Clarissa’s role has now become Mentor to Hugo, as they both work to strengthen what the SRN is able to offer to newer researchers in our Network.

Here is the photo taken at the latest meeting of your Executive Council, on 22nd May 2024. If you would like to know more about what being on the Executive Council means, click here.

Top L to R: Rosanne Welch (Chair); Clarissa Miranda (ECR Mentor); Hugo Armando Arciniegas (Early Career Researcher);

Middle L to R: Jan Cernik (Newsletter Coordinator); Rose Ferrell (Website Coordinator); Lucian Georgescu (Coordinator, SRN Conversations);

Bottom: Anna Weinstein (Secretary)