Executive Council

The Executive Council meets on-line monthly. We regularly take a screenshot of our meetings. Here is the image from our meeting held on 19th March 2024

Here you can find information about the Executive Council and its activities (below). The current members of the Executive Council are:


Rosanne Welch, PhD, (Chair) serves as Executive Director of Stephens College MFA in TV and Screenwriting where she created a set of History of Screenwriting courses (because ‘History of Film’ courses become History of Directors’ courses and thereby ‘History of Great Men’) and teaches courses in One-Hour Drama. Her television writing credits include Beverly Hills 90210, Picket Fences, ABCNEWS: Nightline and Touched by an Angel. Welch edited When Women Wrote Hollywood (2018), named runner-up for the Susan Koppelman Award honoring the best anthology, multi-authored, or edited book in feminist studies by the Popular Culture Association. She co-edited Women in American History: A Social, Political, and Cultural Encyclopedia (named to both the 2018 Outstanding References Sources List and to the list of Best Historical Materials, by the American Library Association) and wrote Why The Monkees Matter: Teenagers, Television and American Popular Culture. In 2016 Welch gave the talk “The Importance of Having a Female Voice in the Room” at the TEDxCPP (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JFNsqKBRnA). She also serves as Book Reviews Editor of the Journal of Screenwriting.


Anna Weinstein, MFA, (Secretary) is an Assistant Professor of Screenwriting at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta. She serves as co-chair of the Film Area for the Popular Culture Association (PCA), and she is the founding editor of two book series: PERFORM: Succeeding as a Creative Professional (Routledge), which includes eight volumes to date, including Writing for the Screen (2017); and the forthcoming series SCREEN STORYTELLING (Bloomsbury Academic), which will feature volumes dedicated to the study of significant and/or underrepresented screenwriters’ works. Anna frequently publishes interviews with women filmmakers in Film International (Intellect). Her book Writing Women: Creating Complex Female Characters for Film and Television is forthcoming from Routledge, and she is leading a group of student scholars on a digital humanities project on women screenwriters, due to launch in 2023. Anna is currently developing several television series, including a fantasy based on The Jack Tales (1943) with producer Robert Mitas (Ratched) and director Jay Russell (The Water Horse). You can find her at Academia.edu and on her KSU faculty page.


 Jan Černík, PhD, (Newsletter Editor) is Assistant Professor in Film Studies at Palacký University (Czech Republic). In research he combines an interest in the topics of Czech and Czechoslovak cinema, audiovisual industries, and screenwriting. He believes that in an exploration of audiovisual culture, we have to consider the applicability of our findings, which is an idea highly compatibile with the efforts of Screenwriting Research Network. Jan graduated in film studies and philosophy and received his Ph.D. degree in film history in 2018. You can find his publications at ORCIDAcademia.edu and Research Gate.


Isadora García Avis, PhD, (Membership and Inclusion Officer) is Lecturer in Audiovisual Narrative at the School of Communication Sciences, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Spain), where she teaches modules on film and television narrative, screenwriting for television formats and transmedia storytelling. She obtained her PhD at the University of Navarra (Spain), with a doctoral dissertation on transcultural remakes in television. Her thesis was awarded the First Prize of Research in Audiovisual Communication, issued by the Audiovisual Council of Catalunya. Her main academic interests focus on adaptation studies, screenwriting, and television formats (more specifically, scripted series). Her research tends to have a transcultural scope, and it usually combines textual and hermeneutical analysis of audiovisual narratives with other qualitative methods, like in-depth interviews with screenwriters and producers. You can find her at Academia.edu.


Rose Ferrell,PhD, (Website Coordinator) is an independent researcher, film / screenwriting practitioner and adjunct lecturer at one of Australia’s premier acting schools, the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), within Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia. Rose has a background in film production as both a technician and creator of fiction and non-fiction, and as a leader / trainer in community arts film projects. As a screenwriter and researcher, Rose’s interests are in creative practice, screenwriter’s voice and cultural-national inflection in voice. Her writings have been published in the Journal of Screenwriting (Intellect, 2017), Transcultural Screenwriting: Telling Stories for a Global World (Cambridge Scholars 2017), the Palgrave Handbook of Screen Production (2019) and the Palgrave Handbook of Script Development (2021). She was editor of a special issue of the Journal of Screenwriting on Women in Screenwriting with Rosanne Welch, of Stephens College, Los Angeles, and is developing a book on the same theme, again with Rosanne. Rose’s latest work is a stage musical, Her Latest Flame, expected to be produced in 2022. You can find Rose on ORCIDAcademia.edu and Research Gate.


Clarissa Miranda, PhD, (Early Career Researcher Representative, Mentor) is a Lecturer of Antonio Meneghetti College (Brazil). She achieved a Ph.D. in Letters at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil) in 2018. Her PhD thesis explores the intersemiotic translation of novels into movie scripts. She holds a Masters in Midiatic Communication at the same institution (2012) and a Bachelors in Journalism from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (2005). Clarissa has completed several short courses in screenwriting. As a screenwriter and producer, she developed documentaries in the fields of Arts, Music, and Architecture and has also worked on biopics. Nowadays, Clarissa is working on the adaptation of a Brazilian novel to a series, a project that has been selected for the laboratory of TFL TV Next. As an academic, Clarissa has published on Latin American screenwriters, with special interest in women in the field; biopics; and adaptation studies. She works as a lecturer for Antonio Meneghetti College in the field of Entrepreneurship; as international affairs assistant for Fundação Antonio Meneghetti; as a journalist for the magazine Performance Líder; as cultural manager for the Recanto Maestro Youth Orchestra; and as a freelance screenwriter. You can find her at Academia.edu


Dr. Lucian Georgescu is a professor of screenwriting at UNATC, the Romanian National University of Theatre and Film, where he has fundamentally reshaped the writing curricula in the last decade. His research focuses on the narrative paradigms of the road movie genre. He has published works in Romanian such as “Pe drum cu Jim” (On the Road with Jim/Jarmusch) and “Dialoguri despre scenariu” (Dialogues on Screenwriting), which is a compilation of his conversations with his mentor, Dumitru Carabat, the founder of the National Screenwriting school. Some of his essays are available in English, including “The New Romanian Cinema at the Point of No Return” in “East, West, and Centre: Reframing post-1989 European Cinema” (Edinburgh University Press) and “The Road Movies of the New Romanian Cinema” in “Studies in Eastern European Cinema” (Intellect). His other research interests include the application of the open-source concept to cinema distribution and the impact of the streaming industry on contemporary film language. A pioneer in the Romanian audiovisual commercial industry and the national cultural marketing movement, he is the founder and acting president of cinepub.ro, a curated AVOD platform for independent cinema, and serves as a Guest Editor of Intellect – Journal of Digital Media and Policy.