SRN Conference 2016: change of venue to Leeds, UK

The venue for the 9th SRN international conference (2016) has been changed from Stockholm. The conference will now take place in Leeds, UK, hosted by Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds, in partnership with Leeds Trinity University.

The dates of the conference will remain the same, Thursday 8th September to Saturday 10th September 2016. Papers already accepted for the conference will be scheduled as before, with the only change being that delegates should travel to Leeds instead.

Registration details are now being put together, and will be released as soon as possible. Travel information can be found attached below, along with general details of accommodation in Leeds. Any special conference deals on accommodation, and other information including on keynote speakers, will be announced as soon as possible.

We hope SRN colleagues will understand that this rather late change to our plans is the result of force majeure. Discussions over support arrangements in Stockholm proved more difficult than we anticipated, and we made the reluctant decision to switch to Leeds once it became clear that these obstacles were insurmountable. We must acknowledge with deep gratitude the efforts made on our behalf by Louise Lindbom, along with colleagues including Ann Igelström, who worked tirelessly on our behalf. We benefit from their organisational skills, and the hours they have put in already in order to make this conference a success.

Despite this change, we expect the conference to be a stimulating and enjoyable experience for everyone. We have no doubt that you will find this a great place to talk screenwriting research, as it was eight years ago when the SRN was founded in Leeds.

More information will follow next week.