SRN Executive Minutes September 2017

Screenwriting Research Network Executive

Minutes of Executive meeting 14:00 (Vienna time) 22nd September 2017 (by Skype)

Present: Claus Tieber (Chair), Ian Macdonald (Minutes), Ronald Geerts, Carmen Sofia Brenes, Christina Milligan, Anna Zaluczkowska

1. Executive Council

The Chair opened by welcoming our two new EC members Christina Milligan and Anna Zaluczkowska, and proposed a vote of thanks to the two outgoing members Kerstin Stutterheim and Virginia Pitts, for all their hard work on our behalf. Carried nem con. CT will contact KS and VP.

Action: CT

The division of roles was discussed and apportioned as follows:

Chair: Claus Tieber

Deputy Chair: Christina Milligan

Secretary: Ian W. Macdonald

Treasurer: Carmen Sofia Brenes

Membership Secretary: Ronald Geerts

Web Coordinator: Anna Zaluczkowska

IM offered to provide a contact for VP, to AZ, to allow a hand-over conversation about web and Facebook issues. CT referred to the need to update biogs of EC members, on the website.

Action: IM

2. New Zealand conference report

IM, CM and CSB reported on what was generally agreed to be a successful and enjoyable conference. Seen to be very well organised and a pleasing mix of industry and ‘academic’ attendees, with no observable divisions between these two camps. It was noted that both academia and industry had sponsorship interests, which might be significant in running a good conference. There was thought to be a good range of papers, some good debate and good networking opportunities, and a notable presence of younger delegates. IM noted that there would be a survey undertaken of those attending, at the behest of the NZ Tourist Board, which includes a couple of questions specified by the SRN.

CT proposed a vote of thanks to Davinia Thornley and her team for their extraordinary work, and including within that the sterling liaison work of Virginia Pitts. He will contact them.

Action: CT

3. Milano Conference

CT reported he was in touch with Armando Fumagalli, who had shared a draft of the Call for Papers. In discussion, it was expressed that CT’s conversations with AF should note our desire to see a 50/50 balance between industry and academia with keynote speakers.

Action: CT

4. Action Plan

The EC discussed the Action Plan, as presented to the AGM, point by point. Individual members of the EC were appointed to lead specific activities as follows:

(3) Working Groups: AZ

(4) Archival Project: IM

(5) Bibliography: IM, CSB

(6) Projects Survey: RG

(7) discussed and no action needed

(8) newsletter: CM and CSB to discuss and present ideas next meeting

(9) search for an Early Career Research rep: IM

(10) Awards: all to contact CT with notes on different models for awards. CT will then summarise these for discussion in January.

(11) Survey questions: RG

(12) RG is to consider how membership surveys and information might be used to extend membership in unrepresented territories. IM to discuss with Steven Price, in relation to the Journal of Screenwriting.

(13) CT to contact AF about making a meeting place and time available.

(14) Finance. After some discussion, CT proposed we all consider two questions. First, if we had funds, what would they be used for? And secondly, how to other organisations (SCMS etc.) raise and use their funds? All to report back to CT.

Action: all

5. Date and time of next meetings

EC members are in agreement that 14:00 Vienna/Brussels time, on the third Friday of the month, are acceptable for future meetings. IM will draw up a list of dates.

Action: IM