SRN Executive Minutes February 2018

Screenwriting Research Network Executive

Minutes of Executive meeting 12:30 (Vienna time) 16th February 2018 (by Skype)


Present: Claus Tieber (Chair), Ian Macdonald (Minutes), Ronald Geerts, Christina Milligan, Anna Zaluczkowska, Carmen Sofia Brenes (from 12:50),

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

These were accepted.

  1. SRN Awards

An email had been drafted by IM, but this process has raised further questions and thoughts. There followed a discussion about possible jurors, criteria for appointment, duration of appointment and other elements. A list of names had been received by CT and circulated. The procedure for nominating entries was also discussed. It was also decided that the Awards should not be started before next academic year, and would therefore be announced properly at the next AGM, along with the names of the judges.

It was also decided that CT and the Executive would remain ‘hands-off’ once the panel had been appointed, and the process should be run independently by the Chair of the jury. Judges should be appointed for one year, with the expectation of (though optional) of continuing for a second.

Entries should be nominated by an SRN member, and we would encourage a wide range of sources for nomination – i.e. it is not just specialist screenwriting material that could be valuable to the screenwriting studies field. The key is its contribution to screenwriting research and knowledge. Entries cannot be nominated by the author or the publisher of the piece.

It was decided by the Executive that members should send CT 3 votes each from the shortlist of judges, before the next meeting. Once these are appointed, the ball can be set rolling.

Action: All

  1. Early Career Representative

IM apologised for the delay in sending out the Call for a Representative. This will be done shortly.

Action: IM 

  1. Milano Conference

The Exec will be able to hold a meeting at the conference at 15:00 hrs on Wednesday 12th September. Those whose papers have been selected have been informed, and information about travel etc. has also been sent.

Action: CT

  1. SARP

IM reported that information on around 10 collections had been supplied, and he was expecting more before releasing a first pdf via the website. A further call for info will then be sent out.

Action: IM

  1. Newsletter

CM reported that the first issue was imminent.

Action:  CM

  1. Website

AZ reported this was now on a different platform, though it looks the same. Very few people had got back regarding the working groups, and the Chair of the games group had announced she was resigning. On this front, perhaps we need to do some awareness-raising at the conference.

Action: CT, AZ

  1. Date and time of next meetings

12:30 Vienna/Brussels time on Friday 16th March 2018, by Skype.