SRN Executive Minutes – January 2019

SRN Minutes 22 January 2019

Screenwriting Research Network Executive Council

Minutes of the EC meeting 21:30 (Vienna time)

22.01.2019 via Skype


Attendees: Carmen Sofia Brenes (Chair), Christina Milligan (Minutes), John Finnegan, Margaret McVeigh, Paolo Russo

Apologies: Claus Tieber

Absent (technical problems): Anna Zaluczkowska


Agenda SRN EC Meeting

  1. Approval of the minutes 181219 (last meeting)

Approved.                                                                                                                                  Action:These can now be put up on the website (AZ).


  1. Porto Conference

Good mix of guest speakers noted.

Regarding whether an Executive Committee member should be involved with reviewing the abstracts, it was noted that the EC has great confidence in the Porto committee and EC involvement is not necessary. EC is happy to engage with Porto committee if they have particular issues that need to be discussed.  Individual members of EC could also be approached by Porto to engage with their executive committee on an individual basis, rather than as members of the EC.

(CSB to discuss EC response with AZ for forwarding to Porto committee).


  1. Newsletter

Next newsletter will come out end of February/beginning of March – call for submissions will go out early/mid-February.

JF is sharing points from newsletter on social media to widen its reach.


  1. Awards

Book nominations are coming in but not nominations for articles. Discussion re how to draw attention to the award for articles.  JF is promoting on social media and also working on how to bring more attention to articles published in JOS for example.  Suggestions we push this on Twitter also and put out a reminder towards the June deadline.  Will also do reminders in next two newsletters (CM/MM).


  1. Call for next conference organisers – 2021-2023

The EC hopes that the annual conference can be held more often outside Europe and noted that there are a large number of members in the US. CSB/PR will write a request for proposals to be circulated around March this year.  There was agreement that September remains a very good time for the conference to be held.


  1. Other business
  • JF has put out a call for interest in organizing one-day conferences, particularly for early-career researchers. He is working on one to be held in Falmouth in March and has had good expressions of interest in the UK.  Importance of branding discussed, with JF’s suggestion of an SRN banner being made for use at such conferences appreciated.  This will also be useful for visual branding on social media.
  • Steven Price has confirmed he will update the EC every 2-3 months on the Journal of Screenwriting.
  • Book reviews editor for JOS Rosanne Welch will let us know if/when they need new book reviews (currently already several lined up for forthcoming issues).
  • Membership remains fairly steady with departures being balanced by new members.


Meeting ended at ca. 22.10 Vienna time

Next meeting: Feb 19thor 26th at 21:30 Vienna time (Date to be confirmed)