SRN Executive Minutes March 2018

Screenwriting Research Network Executive

Minutes of Executive meeting 12:30 (Vienna time) 16th March 2018 (by Skype)

Present: Claus Tieber (Chair), Ian Macdonald (Minutes), Ronald Geerts, Christina Milligan

Apologies: Anna Zaluczkowska, Carmen Sofia Brenes

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

These were accepted.

  1. SRN Awards

Following an exchange by email, a list of six possible judges was drawn up (3M, 3F). IM will draft an invitation to be sent by Claus to them in an agreed preferred order. We are seeking three who will agree to serve for a year. The Awards and the names of the judges will be announced at the conference in Milan in September.

Action: IM, CT

  1. Early Career Representative

The new Newsletter has included the information that we will be seeking an Early Career Representative, and IM will now follow this up with an amended official Call for Nominations as agreed by email with Claus on 27thFeb. The deadline will now be June 1stand the first appointee will serve from the date of the AGM (Friday 14thSeptember).

Action: IM

  1. Milan Conference

At the time of meeting, 40 people had registered, and the PhD students pre-conference meeting on Wednesday has been organised, along with an animation panel. All keynotes are now in place. Claus will continue to liaise.

Action: CT

  1. 2019 Conference

It is now confirmed that the 2019 conference will now be in Porto, with the expectation that the Oxford conference will take place in 2020. We need to appoint a liaison person from the Exec. Claus will contact Anna and Carmen to see if they wish to volunteer.

Action: CT

  1. Newsletter

The newsletter had now been released to the SRN, to general acclaim. The meeting thought it was excellent, and offered congratulations to Christina and Carmen on a useful and professional job. There was considerable optimism about the prospects for future newsletters. It was noted that the newsletter is on our FB site, and should be added to our website. Any information for inclusion should be sent to Christina in the first instance.

Action:  CM, AZ

  1. Promoting other events

We had received a request from the Aegean Film Lab to promote an event which might be of interest to SRN members. After discussion it was agreed that this was fine (exchanging information useful to the field is what we do), but that we should also discuss the role (if any) of advertising and our activities when we meet face to face in Milan.

Action: all

  1. Elections to the Executive from 2018

IM requested suggestions for someone who could act as Returning Officer/Elections Director at the conference in September. Please send via email.

Action: all, IM

  1. SARP

IM had circulated a draft pdf, to a favourable reaction from the members of the Exec. IM would update this before releasing it to AZ for inclusion on our website.

Action: IM, AZ

  1. Date and time of next meetings

12:30 Vienna/Brussels time on Friday 20thApril 2018, by Skype.