SRN Executive Minutes December 2018

Screenwriting Research Network Executive Council

Minutes of the EC meeting 09:30 (Weds, NZ time) / 21:30 (Vienna time)

19.12.2018 via Skype


Attendees: Claus Tieber (Chair), Christina Milligan (Minutes), Paolo Russo, Margaret McVeigh

Apologies: Carmen Sofia Brenes

Absent: John Finnegan, Anna Zaluckowska


Agenda SRN EC Meeting

  1. Approval of the minutes 18/11/20 (last meeting)

Approved                                                                                                                              Action: These can now be put up on the website (AZ)


  1. Porto Conference

CFP has been widely distributed (gone out twice to list). Conference website is up and looks good.


  1. SRN Webpage and social media

Small amendments have now been made as needed to webpage. Social media is growing slowly and JF is keeping Facebook and Twitter going well – Porto will be a good time to assess progress.  New members seem to be signing up to the SRN at a rate of about one a week.


  1. Awards

Book nominations coming in.  No nominations for articles so far.  We will put reminder re article award in next newsletter (CM) and discuss how to promote in more depth at next meeting.


  1. Other business

We need to advertise when the next Journal of Screenwriting is coming out (FB, Twitter).  PR waiting for reply from Steven Price for update re journal.


  1. To be included in agenda for next meeting
  • New section on website for ECR? (Not discussed at this meeting)
  • Promotion of award for articles
  • Call for next conference organisers – 2021-2023 – call likely to go out around March


Meeting ended at ca. 10.00 NZ time / 22.00 Vienna time

Next meeting: Jan 22nd at 21:30 Vienna time