SRN Executive Minutes November 2018

Screenwriting Research Network Executive Council

Minutes of the EC meeting 21:30 (Vienna time)

20.11.2018 via Skype


Attendees: Carmen Sofia Brenes (Chair), Claus Tieber (Minutes), John Finnigan, Paolo Russo, Anna Zaluczkowska

Excused: Christina Milligan, Margaret McVeigh


Agenda SRN EC Meeting

  1. Approval of the minutes 181030 (last meeting)



  1. News from Porto Conference

2.1. Call for papers

2.2. Feedback from Guillhermina about our suggestions regarding schedule,

photos, places to have short meetings.

Organizers took comments into account. CfP will be send out via our list by Daniel Ribas or Giullhermina Castro.

CT has already communicated the CfP via diverse list, will send this list to PR, who will make a google doc so we can all help to spread the call as wide as possible.

Action: google doc with list of organisations, mailing lists etc. where we want to post the CfP for the Porto conference – PR


  1. Newsletter: any feedback?

No feedback so far, which is not considered as a bad sign by the members of the EC.


  1. SRN Webpage and social media:

4.1. New section in the webpage for ECR

4.2. FB and Twitter: movement?

4.3 SARP and Bibliography: how to proceed?

Space for ECR on our website is possible. We should all look for examples and best practices.

Action                        all

 JF is not satisfied with the growth of our twitter account. (117 followers so far), on FB we have 1123 subscribers, but we started earlier. These things need time.

One of the problems is content. There is just not enough content.

SARP and Bibliography should be at the center of a little communication “campain” in January, focusing on social media.


  1. ECRs questionnaire (John)

Was sent out by John.


  1. Awards

Nominations for the book category are already in. Information about the award was communicated via numerous channels. (additional ones are welcome)


  1. Any other business

Membership infos and access to jiscmail was handed over to PR by Ronald Geerts.


Meeting ended at ca. 22.30 Vienna time

Next meeting: Dec. 18that 21:30 Vienna time