Brazilian ‘Diálogos de Roteiro’

Diálogos de Roteiro (Portuguese for Screenwriting Dialogues), in their first edition, aims to discuss the multiple realities and methodologies of teaching the craft of the screenplay in Brazil, based on the exchange of experiences and reflections between screenwriters, screenwriting teachers. and other scholars who deal with the complex task of training writers and filmmakers.

Over the course of a week, the event brings together four panelists in order to share their diverse experiences in facing the central question: how to teach Screenwriting in Brazil? Is the know-how of art unrepeatable, as Roland Barthes postulated? Or does the experience of Film schools prove otherwise?

Between Oct 26th, 2020 and Oct 30th, always at 5 pm, the panels will premiere on the website and on the YouTube channel, where the live chat will take place. It is not necessary to register and the videos will stay available afterward on the event website.