SRN Executive Minutes – November 2022

SRN Executive Council Meeting

(via Zoom)

Monday, Nov. 21, 2022

7am Los Angeles =

Rosanne 7am

Anna W, Clarissa 10am

Jan, Isadora 4pm

Rose 11pm


Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Anna Weinstein (AW).  ECR Clarissa Miranda (CM)


  1. Apologies / Take group photo


  1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting


JC proposes / CM seconds.


  1. Status on officer handovers – web, ECR, Membership Officer, Secretary. Does anyone need any assistance completing the handover?


Rose updates on website progress, all going smoothly. Clarissa updates on Facebook site. Clarissa will send Rosanne ideas about posts for FB until she has access. Rosanne makes a call for all of us to email Clarissa with ideas for postings on FB. Rose suggests that one posting per week would be helpful. We can all help come up with ideas.


  1. Status on Posts to Make to Members: Call for Papers for SRN 2023 out / Approve new Call for Hosts to follow 2024 Palacký University in the Czech Republic/ Check in w/judges/ Post about this year’s Awards w/deadlines and judge’s emails.


Rosanne suggests that she will craft a call for hosts for the conferences beyond 2024.


  1. Institutional memory: YouTube/Creating password repository-Institutional memory/Creating a Discord site/Support Working Groups more/ Updating Social Media with postings of scholarships, residencies, teaching/collaborating opps/ Exiting Twitter?Rosanne suggests that we create a calendar for when different working groups should put out calls via the listserve. Jan says he will add any announcements to the newsletter. Rosanne said the web designer at her college is working on the conference website and will have it ready to go live the first week of December.
  2. Working Group: JC: Sharing site for online lectures and encourage international cooperation/Repository of Screenwriting Curricula developed by SRN members (Motion: shall one member of EC join each Working Group as liason?)Rosanne tells about her work with the WGA and making use of a liason so people know who to contact for more information. Suggests a liason on the EC who can be the liason to the working group. Rosanne will be the liason for Romana’s group, and Anna will be the liason to Max’s group.Rose suggests a new role for a Working Group Coordinator because it will give us more immediate interaction with working groups. Jan suggests that we invite Romana and Max to attend some of the EC meetings. This suggesting moves forward and Rosanne will invite Romana and Max to attend next meeting.


  1. RF: Record 2-3 SRN Conversations this year to catch up so we can do new ones only a year after a new conference has been held…Rose says it’s relatively easy to coordinate. She has three SRN members in mind and plans to send out invitations in mid-January.


  1. RW: Website brainstorm – other info of interest to include (Add info on where members come from to the About section of the website/make map of the world with numbers in each country showing who is from where/-put the animation on the front of the website or as the first thing when you click “Conferences” tab

Rose suggests a scrolling ‘Welcome All (different countries)’ banner. She doesn’t have the capacity to learn the software at this time but will reach out to Paolo. Anna suggests an email to the SRN members to ask


  1. AW: Teaching Award Research / Lifetime achievment award to Tom Stempel at SRN 2023Anna presented idea for the teaching award. Rose suggested it might overburden the EC and we’re not familiar enough with our colleagues’ teaching to fairly judge. Jan thinks the connection between research and teaching is important. Anna will draft the paragraph/proposal for the next meeting.


  1. Adjust Constitution: Reorganizing EC member titles and duties/Update Website / ADD ECR


  1. Other business


Decided date of next meeting:  Jan 23 – same time as Nov meeting