Poetics and Politics of Documentary Film, Research Symposium at the Aalto, Helsinki, Finland

The aim of the Poetics and Politics symposium is to strenghten dialogue between theory and practice in documentary film. We wish to promote a forum for discussions on the possibilities and approaches on practice-based research and theorizing that stems from artistic work. Filmmakers and scholars interested in conceptual approaches in documentary film are welcome to attend.

Vietnamese-American filmmaker and theorist Trinh T. Minh-ha will participate in the event and give a keynote lecture on Monday, April 22. On Tuesday morning, April 23, professor Brian Winston from the UK will give a second keynote.  The programme consists of 10 parallell sessions where filmmakers and academics present their work.  In addition, two recent documentary films are screened.

The conference fee is 85 euros and includes lunches, coffees and a get-together party on Monday evening. More information and instructions for registration are available on the


The symposium is organized by the Department of Film, Television and Scenography at Aalto University ARTS, Helsinki, Finland.