SRN Executive Minutes November 2017

Minutes of Executive meeting 14:00 (Vienna time) 17th November 2017 (by Skype)

Present: Claus Tieber (Chair), Ian Macdonald (Minutes), Ronald Geerts, Carmen Sofia Brenes, Christina Milligan, Anna Zaluczkowska

Apologies: Christina Milligan (bereavement)

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

These were accepted. Late apologies for absence have been received from Christina Milligan and Ian W. Macdonald.

  1. Matters arising

There was further discussion of the role and title of ‘early career representative’. It was felt the term ’Early Screenwriting Researcher’ might cover the sector better, as some have already established a career and now have moved into the study of screenwriting. IM offered to produce a short definition for our use.

Action: IM

The dates of the EC meetings for 2017-2018 are as follows (all at 14:00 Vienna time). So far as we are aware, these do not clash with major public holidays:

15th December 2017

19th January 2018

16th February 2018

16th March 2018

20th April 2018

18th May 2018

15th June 2018

20th July 2018

  1. Website

AZ was thanked for the work she had put into freshening up the website. She reported that Leeds University was using new software, which had some advantages, e.g. in using plug-ins. Would we like more photos? The Executive replied in the affirmative, and CSB reflected that after the 2013 conference a Flickr account was set up for SRN – she will forward details to AZ.

Action: CSB

One or two working groups need to be added in, and AZ will work on contacting convenors for any content. All Exec members need to go through the content and send changes and comments to AZ.

Action: All

  1. Newsletter

CSB and CM were thanked for producing a discussion paper on the proposed Newsletter. Several items were discussed and there was a positive reaction to the suggestion of a Conference Impressions piece being included. Quarterly appearance was felt to be appropriate and manageable (Feb/May/Aug/Nov), and the whole is to be a way of linking SRN members with recent information, and intelligence about the field. Much of it will consist of links to other publications. CM will edit and prep the information, and CSB is responsible for dissemination.

Action: CM, CSB 

  1. Milano Conference

CT reported the deadline for submissions was drawing near, and we should know the likely attendance by the next meeting. He is liaising with Armando Fumagalli.

Action: CT

  1. Ideas for SRN Awards, and Finance

The EC discussed the Action Plan, as presented to the AGM, point by point. Individual members of the EC were appointed to lead specific activities as follows:

CT was thanked for having produced two papers of notes on the ‘awards’ idea, and on ideas for both raising and spending funds. There was brief explanation from CT, who said these are the beginnings of new ideas, rather than opportunities for discussion and evaluation, at this stage. The EC is asked to contribute to each paper, with the intention of discussing Awards at the December and/or January meetings, and Finance at the February/March meetings.

Action: All

  1. Date and time of next meetings

14:00 Vienna/Brussels time on Friday 15th December 2017, by Skype.