SRN Executive Minutes December 2017

Agenda SRN EC Meeting

15.12.2017 at 2pm Vienna/Brussels

Attended by CM, CB, RG; CT

Excused: IM, AZ had technical problems

  • Minutes of last meeting


  • Newsletter

Some response from the list, a new call for information will be send out in January, first newsletter should be published in February 2018

  • Milano

At the moment there are 85 abstracts (mail from Paolo)

Feedback to people who sent abstracts should be given by January 31st 2018, keynote speakers should also be conformed by this date

  • Archival survey, Ian’s draft for mail

Should be sent out as it is. We assume the problem that more than one person will write about the same archive as marginal, even if so there could be additional info in multiple accounts

  • SRN Awards for outstanding publications in screenwriting studies

categories, organization, timeline

We decided to give away awards in two categories:

  1. Outstanding book in the field of screenwriting studies
  2. Outstanding article in the field of screenwriting studies

(Books in the Palgrave series and articles in the JoS are included.)

A jury of three people should decide. Members of the EC should make suggestions for jurors and have in mind that we need a jury as diverse as possible. Members of the EC, editors of book series and JoS are not allowed to be in the jury. Jury members should change every two years (or so).

Nominations for books and articles should be send to the EC, deadline for nominations has to be confirmed. Jury should have enough time to read and discuss. If there are too many nominations, we might discuss the option of a short list made by the EC.

Accepted are only scholarly works (research articles and books).

Awards will be presented at Milano conference.

  • Reminder: Call for early career research should be send out.


  • Reminder: Ideas for financing

Ideas for “How to spent it” should be collected for a more structured discussion about the topic next year. (at least at the EC meeting in Milano)

  • Time of meetings

CM suggestes to change the time of our meetings to 12:30 Vienna/Brussels time. If this is possible with Anna and Ian, we will do so. 2pm Vienna/Brussels is in the middle of the night in New Zealand.