SRN Executive Minutes October 2017


SRN EC meeting October 20th, 2017, 2pm Vienna/Brussels time, via skype

Present: CT (Chair & minutes), CB, AZ,

Excused: RG

Minutes of last meeting were accepted.

  1. Website

Problems with access, should be solved soon, new EC, minutes and CfP for the Milano conference should be uploaded.

  1. Otago post conference survey

Overall very positive reactions to the conference and the network in general. Some seems to be confused with parallel panels. Agreed to do surveys after next conferences.

  1. Newsletter

CB reports that she has worked on it together with CM, there will be a newsletter Nr. 0 soon. We agreed that it would be enough to start on a quarterly basis. Newsletter should include different sections with links to (external) content. A close connection of newsletter, website and Facebook page should help to distribute our content via many channels. A closer cooperation with the JoS should be helpful for both. Newsletter could also promote older articles from the journal if the fit a current debate.

  1. Early career representative

Should be more precise in definition of “early career” and explicitly state that this is an unsalaried post

  1. Milano 2018:

CfP is out, is distributed with the help of CT, further distribution is desirable. Keynote speakers will be a mix of practioners and scholars, national (Italian) and international, male and female. CT is in ongoing communication with Armando.

  1. Dates of EC meetings

Should have been sent out by IM. In general it will be the third Friday of the month at 2pm Vienna/Brussels time. Next meeting will be on November 17th.