SRN Executive Minutes – July 2022

Monday 25 July 2022 10 pm GMT/UTC 

Tuesday 26 July 2022 7.00 am AEST (via Teams)


Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Rafael Leal (RL), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Shaopeng Chen (SC), Margaret McVeigh (MM),

  • Apologies

Rafael Leal,  Isadora Garcia

  • Minutes of previous meeting

RF – Motion to approve. 

RW – Seconded.

  • SRN Annual Report Confirmation

JC – Need to update the Working Group section?  

MM – Maxine replied with her group’s update. Syri replied that her group was on pause but about to catch up.

RF – Maxine’s group is doing a reading at this year’s conference.  She has a call out for more leaders to join the Practice Lead Working Group.

MM – As per last year’s Report we can approve by today and be done before the Summer holidays in Europe.  Then we have 1 hour to present at the AGM in Vienna.

JC – I can do the graphics for the presentation covering new member countries and other graphs.

  • SRN Action Plan Confirmation 

Ratified by full EC present.

  • SRN Newsletter (Jan & Isadora)

  • SRN 2022 Conferences & Awards (Margaret)

MM – Jury will short list at beginning of August.  

RW – How do we manage telling the winners?  And shortlisted people? Did the winners have time to plan remarks?  

MM – I believe all  3 shortlisted plan something and when the announcement is given the winners speak.  There is ½ an hour given for this – it might end early which will give member the chance to rest before the dinner.

  • SRN Exec meetings August & September 

MM – Who will be on holidays in August?

JC – I can join from break.

MM – We might need to change our 8/29 date to the 22nd if that works with all EC members.  Due to internet access issues, I will have to use the university offices so the time will change to 3pm (Spain), 6am (Los Angeles). Next month’s meeting will discuss Elections, final meeting at the Vienna conference, other issues? Final meeting 1pm Vienna Thursday the 22nd.

  • Other business 

JC – 2024 conference dates chosen – Sept 12-14th, 2024

RW – Can we fit in one more SRN Conversation before the conference?

MM – We should show a clip of it at the AGM.

RF – We’d need to find and cut a clip to make it easier.

RW – I can do that.


Meeting adjourned at 2:53pm PDT.