SRN Executive Minutes – September 2022

SRN Minutes of Meeting – September 2022

Date Thursday 22 Sept Conference lunch break

Venue: TBA

  1. Apologies

RF not in attendance

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

Approval proposed / Seconded / Approved

  1. Conference executive activités – previous minutes action,  report, action plan, élections, forthcoming conferences, awards etc

MM discussed format of AGM presentation, suggestions for order of presentations of upcoming conferences, announcement of which award judge would announce awards.

  1. Newsletter

Ready to go post conference.

  1. ERC nominations and other positions vacant action

MM announced she is stepping down from EC for family reasons.  RL also stepping down.  EC will need to recruit a new ECR (as we do every year) and MM has someone in mind to ask here at conference.  Discussion of changes in duties. IG will take on Membership, RF will take on Website, RW will take on Chair.  JC is fine managing newsletter alone.  RW proposes Anna Weinstein for Secretary.  Approval unanimous. Answer pending.

  1. Other business

(From email from Rosanne Welch, of 14th November 2022 to