SRN Executive Minutes – February 2023


Monday, Feb 20, 2023

Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Anna Weinstein (AW).  ECR Clarissa Miranda (CM)

  1. Apologies / Take group photo

Isadora absent so put off IG/RF: Membership Officer update/new form for EC to comment until next meeting.


  1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting–Jan approves, Rosanne seconds


  1. Working Group Update: CM Reports on meeting with Maxine about joining forces and making the middle year online meeting that our work group is working on also an online event for Early Career Researchers–Clarissa updates on mid-year symposium plans; thinking about a July online symposium; everyone will invite working screenwriters from their own country; will be good promotional tool for practitioners as well as informative for members. Good opportunity for Early Career Researchers to get involved.


  1. AW/RW: Update on jury for Teaching Award / Ian MacDonald’s notes

–All EC members like Ian’s suggestions re innovation in teaching practices; Rose suggests a less comprehensive teaching award, rather an award for an innovative teaching “idea” or “assignment”; all EC members agree this sounds wise; Jan suggests making it easier for applicants, fewer requirements for nominees; all EC members agree. Anna will draft a new streamlined description for the EC to review at the next meeting. Depending on timing, we will try to beta test for this year. (Possibly call it the Teaching and Learning Award or Teaching and Innovation Award.)


  1. RW- Check in w/award judges/ Post about this year’s Awards w/deadlines and judge’s emails/ who would be on the committee/external jury – senior members –(Carmen Sofia Brenes says yes to both book and Teacher award committees, Tom Stempel and Eva Redvall say yes to Book Award judging). Emailed: Ian, Jule (will email: Jill Nemnes, Kirsi Rinne)


  1. Call for hosts – RW emailed Craig Batty & Paolo Russo and they have agreed to Australia in 2025 and Oxford in 2026. Also as of 2-17 emailed Armando (“we are still open to this possibility”)….and Pablo Gonçalo who said: “I think it will be wonderful to host an SRN in Brazil, in 2025 or some years later. Rubens and Carolina, I propose a brief online meeting to talk about it, or we might exchange some emails. São Paulo and Rio sound better to host this event, but UnB, the university I’ve been working at, and other funds here, may collaborate.”


Will approach Brazil and Film and Media Studies at University of Navarre.

–Rosanne will be meeting with Pablo via Zoom to discuss the possibility of a 2027 conference in Brazil; will update the EC at the March meeting.


  1. SRN 2023 Conference Update – RW- Due to the need for publishing to secure funding for conference attendance can the SRN website consider publishing shorter pieces that could then be developed more fully for the journal.

ALSO – to help people achieve funding for traveling to SRN Craig Batty suggested that the SRN website could consider publishing shorter pieces that could then be developed more fully for the journal – we would need to make decisions on who edits or how much editing would be needed.

–Rosanne updates on the discussion above; Anna suggests it would be unlikely we could edit 60 papers; Jan suggests we could publish brief “letters” describing the research; he will send Rosanne a sample. Rose suggests recorded presentations and table reads, these can also be published on the website; Rosanne thinks Stephens College would be open to publishing papers and recorded presentations on the site. Rosanne will find out and report back to the EC.


–Rosanne reports that we currently have approx. sixty submissions for the ’23 conference, expects another five or so.


–Rosanne is tentatively planning a welcome dinner/meal for Wed evening, panels will be Thurs/Fri/Sat, Meg LeFauve’s screening and talk will be Sat evening.


  1. Institutional memory Update: YouTube/Creating password repository (YouTube channel, login required being sent a one-time code to Rafael’s phone number, -change the setting to new Website coordinator’s phone number) / Institutional memory / Creating a Discord site/Support Working Groups more–Rose will meet with Rafael next week or the following week, will chat with him to get the password.


  1. RF: Record 1 SRN Conversation to catch up so we can do new ones only a year after a new conference has been held/Someone one assisting Rose so they can organize the next.–Rose updates plans for a June SRN Conversation; she will begin organizing and sending out invites in April (Germany and New Zealand).


  1. RF: Website Update– other info of interest to include (make map of the world with numbers in each country showing who is from where/-put the animation on the front of the website or as the first thing when you click “Conferences” tab)–Rose updates on website progress, expects to have the website changes sorted out by April; will put EC members names/bios on top (above meeting minutes); will work on the map/animation, been educating herself on the tools.


  1. CM: Status on other forms of social media connection/Instagram/Discord. New Posts to Make to Members:

–Clarissa is practicing with Discord, will have a full presentation ready for the EC at the March meeting.


  1. Other business


–Add “We Welcome All” to top of newsletter while waiting to add it to website???

–Rose reports that she has collected scripts for 15 languages; she will pass these on to Jan so he can include in the June newsletter; Rosanne suggests it doesn’t need to perfectly coordinate graphically/design-wise between newsletter and website (even if this aspect of the website redesign isn’t ready by June).


Date of next meeting(s):  March 20, April 24, May 22, June 19, July 17, August 21, September 19 or 20 (In person at SRN2023 – Time TBD)