SRN Executive Minutes – March 2023


  1. Apologies / Take group photo

Anna W.


  1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting

IG approves – RF 2nds


  1. JC – Update on newsletter/next deadline, share ideas/announcements to include

Next issue out in June.


  1. IG/RF – Update on membership/new survey design and disbursement

–IG showed form, RF suggested question about other associations, deadline 3/31 – will send reminder/extension pre April meeting. Then add to info given at AGM at conference and make one more push for answering there.  Then form will go out to all who join listserve regularly.


  1. Working Group Update: CM Reports on middle year online meeting between working groups and Early Career Researchers

–Will happen in June w/Maxine – we will also plan monthly meetings for the Working Group.


  1. JC – other types of publishable research results (per email on 2/21/2023) SRN website consider publishing shorter pieces that could then be developed more fully for the journal.

–JC – follows last month’s discussion – ideas to support conference attendees who need publication as a possibility to help fund – new options – publish conference proceedings online.

IG – Armando linked conference in Milan – we could talk to him to do that

JC – must prove work is in Scopus –

IG – also true in Spain/importance given to where you publish -JOS is AHCI (Humanities indexed) – there are a lot of conference proceedings published.

RW – Would online publishing by Craig count in AHCI/Scopus?

RF – some conferences request the full paper before approval –

RW – We can ask Craig about why we don’t publish conference proceedings anymore?

RF – in Australia not much travel funds

IG – published conference proceedings for Barcelona conference / organizers secured -ISBN for the publication = Scopus



  1. AW/RW: AW – Update on jury for Teaching Award / Ian MacDonald’s notes


  1. RW- Need to Post about this year’s Awards w/deadlines and judge’s emails = Tom Stempel, Eva Redvall & Carmen Sofia Brenes say yes to Book Award judging. Carmen and Ian MacDonald say yes to Teacher award committee if we initiate that new award. RW will email: Jule Selbo, Jill Nemnes, Kirsi Rinne, Romana Turina.


  1. ALL: Need to post about elections during SRN. Find deadlines for nominations.


  1. RF: Website Update–Added the animation on the front of the website or as the first thing when you click “Conferences” tab

–Had password handed over from Rafael Leal

–Found list of photos from past conference – leftover conversation about permission to add photos

RW – can we ask folks to send in photos and use that as permission – could add the option to opt out on enrollment form

IG – How to handle if someone in a group picture doesn’t want to be online  – ask if you send the photo in make sure everyone in it approves

–Institutional memory Update: YouTube/Creating password repository (YouTube channel, login required being sent a one-time code to Rafael’s phone number, -change the setting to new Website coordinator’s phone number)

RW – recovery phone number makes posting difficult – couple of groups don’t ask for verification, we could make that choice


RF: SRN Conversations — Sent out invite to organizers of Babelsberg, Santiago, and Davinia


  1. RW Update Call for hosts – RW emailed Craig Batty & Paolo Russo and they have agreed to Australia in 2025 and Oxford in 2026. .and Rafael Lael reports “We had a meeting today and we decided that Brazil will apply again to host SRN in the near future. It will be a joint candidacy between our three universities, and we are deciding on where it will take place.”

RW will approach Film and Media Studies at University of Navarre and reconnect to Armando F in Milan (“we are still open to this possibility”)…


  1. RW: SRN 2023 Conference Update – RW – Registrations coming in/conference dinner being finalized.


  1. CM: Status on other forms of social media connection/Instagram/Discord. New Posts to Make to Members.

–Discord to connected to Gaming community – Prefer Instagram instead of Telegram.

–IG – Whatsapp more often used in Spain

RF – more common in Australia, too.

IG – Instagram more useful for photos


  1. Other business

–IG – regarding survey and question about how many conferences have you attended

RW – we have repeat conference attendees which tells us we’re offering a quality event


Date of next meeting(s):  April 24 –will be 4pm for Jan and Isadora

Future Meetings:  May 22, June 19, July 17, August 21, September 19 or 20 (In person at SRN2023 – Time TBD)