SRN Executive Minutes – April 2023

Monday, April 24, 2023

  1. Apologies / Take group photo

–JC apologies


  1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting

–IGA approves, CM seconds


  1. JC – Update on newsletter.

–Postponed until next meeting


  1. IG/RF – Update on membership/new survey response

–234 responses total. IGA: most people reply immediately or within the first 24 hours. 42% academics, 10% professionals, 47% both. 45% active members but haven’t attended a conference (and would like to). 43% would like to participate in creating a database of teaching references; 43% uncertain of relevance. 63% do not belong to a working group; 13% belong to comparative studies group; only 2 members of women and screenwriting working group. RW: she will reach out to these members to see if they would like to revive it. 77% interested in collaborating with other SRN members in fostering international research grants or projects. RW: suggests IGA prepare a summary to present at Sept conference. RW: considering adding professional workshops to conference. AW: asks if EC can see the survey, would be nice to know other members with shared research interests. IGA will share via Google drive so we can identify possibilities for new working groups.



  1. Working Group Update: CM Reports on middle year online meeting between working groups and Early Career Researchers to be held in June.

–CM: she talked to Rafael; he doesn’t have data for Instagram acct; she suggests creating new account. She talked to Max about Gabrielle Marcini, Brazilian screenwriter. Max will let her know whether that will be a good match. CM: says she has created a handful of FB posts but would like Rosanne to approve before she posts. RW: says she will review, also suggests posting about the survey.


  1. AW/RW: AW – Update/decision on jury for Teaching Award / Ian MacDonald’s notes.

–AW: shares about revised text (emailed to EC). IGA: suggests we announce the teaching award at the AGM for next year; RW agrees.


  1. RW/ALL: Plan time to post about elections during SRN: “Pursuant to Section 5.7 of our Constitution: “The Secretary will make all nominations and statements available to the Membership by no later than 14 days before the date of the election – by Monday 8 September 2023.” So nomination deadline is Aug. 11, 2023.

–RW: suggests that we share/email announcement end of June; will know by Aug 11 if nobody nominates themselves; AW will have announcement ready for review by May meeting.


  1. RF: Website Update– Update on- Add “We Welcome All” to top of website;

–Update: YouTube/Creating password repository (YouTube channel, login required being sent a one-time code to Rafael’s phone number, -change the setting to new Website coordinator’s phone number) / Institutional memory.
— NEW NEED spot on website to post all award winners (books, articles, Tom’s award) permanently.– RF: updates on website banner; everyone agrees it looks terrific. RF: wants to thank Phil Nichols on FB and Instagram; suggests we present at conference in Sept, using banner and languages. RW: asks Rose to write a short piece so Jan can include in newsletter. (“If you don’t see your language in there, feel free to send it to us.”) RW: asks if Rose can list book award winners on website. AW: suggests small box at top of Awards tab. RW: suggests book awards should have consistent amount of money each year (been different every year so far). CM: suggests the award is a hotel stay as opposed to cash. RW: that could be challenging because of difference in hotel costs. RF: suggests we don’t make that demand on conference organizers; some conferences have less funding; thinks honor and certificate is most important. AW agrees. RW agrees to go with just the honor/certificate since there isn’t much of a precedent.


  1. RF: Record 1 SRN Conversation to catch up so we can do new ones only a year after a new conference has been held/Someone one assisting Rose so they can organize the next.

–RF: says she sent out emails regarding next SRN conversation; needs to find a new volunteer. RW: suggests that we use notes from JOS to write up a report.


  1. RW Update Call for hosts – RW emailed Film and Media Studies at University of Navarre (Aug. 7th) but with Czechia, Australia and Oxford on tap we only need one more to fill out 3 year plan. Brazil and Milan (“open to this possibility”)…

–RW updates; not a rush to schedule beyond the next three years.


  1. RW: SRN 2023 Conference Update – RW – Registrations coming in/conference dinner being finalized. Added Lorien McKenna to Keynotes/pitch event as podcast recording. Also, “The way we’ve done it in the past is that we bring legal one sheet forms for anyone who wants to pitch to sign (so they don’t sue us later!) Then we take all the signed pitch forms and randomly choose from there.” Also, working on publishing conference procedure with ISBN for SRN2023.

RW: updates on shuffle idea for pitches; those interested in prepping pitches can do so, enter the shuffle, and if selected, terrific!


  1. CM: Status on other forms of social media connection – reviving Instagram

–CM updated earlier


  1. Other business

Date of next meeting:  May 15 @ same time