SRN Executive Minutes – April 2024


Tuesday, April 23,2024

Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Anna Weinstein (AW), Lucien Georgescu (LG).  ECR Clarissa Miranda (CM)


  1. Apologies / Take group photo–JC


  1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting (February)–LG approves, RW seconds


  1. JC: Update on SRN2024. Reminder to all EC members to pay registration – soon. J–We will return to this at the May meeting.


  1. JC: Newsletter Update – thanks for the latest issue – next deadline? Suggestions for future issues?


  1. ECR position update after the AGM: Matt Kirton, Lecturer in Creative Writing, DMU–RW reports that the gentleman who was considering the position hasn’t gotten back to her. RW asks that we all think about who we know that could be a good candidate. RW and RF suggest that a member with a PhD or MFA would work for the position. CM suggests that Diego’s new MFA program might be a good starting place to find a candidate. IGA suggests that we consider sending out an announcement to the listserve.


  1. IG: presentation of email for members on Top 5-10 suggestions/how they are being addressed from Membership Survey. For listserve and also AGM.

–IGA has had a busy month, but she will work on the suggestions this month.


  1. CM: Presentation of the report of monthly results of social media, and possible conference in Brazil in five years in the city of Florianópolis, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

–CM reports that she is scheduling a team with the university mid-May. She will have an update next month. She has been exchanging emails with the screenwriter that they are hoping to bring.


  1. LG/RF: SRN Conversation #4 progress: Potsdam, London (& Leeds?)

–LG reports that RF has done a terrific job. The list includes Kerstin Stutterheim, Adam Ganz, and Ian Macdonald. At this point, they are working on timing. LG asks if a 1:1 with Adam would be a good idea. RW says 1:1 confirms this is a good idea, but the conference oral histories need to have at least 2-3 interviewees. 1:1 with founding members is a terrific idea for additional oral histories. RF suggests Steven Price and Rosalie Davies as the second and third potential interviews for the summer or at the conference.


  1. RF – Where are we at with Leeds listserve dropping people? “You have been automatically removed from the SCREENWRITING-RESEARCH-NETWORK list (Screenwriting Research Network) as a result of repeated delivery error reports from your mail system.

This decision was based on the list’s automatic error monitoring policy and
has not been reviewed or otherwise confirmed by a person. If you receive
this message, then it means that something is wrong. While you are
obviously able to receive mail, your mail system has been regularly
reporting that your account did not exist, or that you were otherwise
permanently unable to receive mail. Here is some information that may
assist you or your local help desk in determining the cause of the
– The failing address is [left blank]
– The first error was reported on 2024-03-21.
– Since then, a total of 5 delivery errors have been received.
– The last reported error was: 5.0.0 550 Rejected – Content Policy
Please do not ignore this message. While you can re-subscribe to the
list, it is important for you to report this problem to your mail
administrator so that it can be solved. This problem is not specific to
the SCREENWRITING-RESEARCH-NETWORK list and may also affect your private mail. This means that you may have lost some private mail as well. Anyone trying to write to you during the same time frame might have received the same errors for the same reason

–RF reports that she followed up with Leeds, and they are not finding anything wrong technically. RF thinks it’s an AI problem. IGA suggests that it might the user’s email server.


  1. AW/RF – Took over the list of all the books mentioned in the December listserve email about books to use in classes? Add that to the website. Build off of Camila C A Agustini: “I copied all the suggestions from this list in a Google Document: –Also, Update on collecting e-booklets of abstracts from each conference to post on website?–RF hasn’t had a chance to find and compile the abstracts, but she will work on that in the coming months. RF asks that we all send her materials that we have.


  1. ALL: Election planning for 2025 – who needs to run again/how do we encourage more involvement in EC? AW – schedule email about running for positions in EC with stress on web management. . Ask each EC member to suggest two academics from their home countries / related countries to consider running to have a bigger pool for voting.

–RW suggests that we include the invitation for the ECR to this email. LG suggests that we write a brief description of the role. RF reminds us that she wrote brief descriptions of the different positions on the board. We will all review and add any additions/changes.


  1. JC: Any updates on Heidi Philipsen international project?–We will return to this at the May meeting.


  1. Start conversation on Succession planning–We will return to this at the May meeting.


  1. The EC should consider creating a small FAQ to keep this institutional memory available for future conference organizers.


  1. Other business – RW giving Comparative Screenwriting lecture tomorrow (Wed, April 28 at 10am Los Angeles time)–AW reminds EC about Teaching Innovation Awards. Already have several submissions with emails from members saying they intend to submit. All agree we should extend deadline to May 15, and AW should send out one more announcement.


Date of next meeting(s):  Tuesdays same time – May 21, June 18, July 23, Aug. 20, Sept. 13 (in person at SRN2024).