SRN Executive Minutes May 2018

Screenwriting Research Network Executive

Minutes of Executive meeting 12:30 (Vienna time) 18th May 2018 (by Skype)

Present: Claus Tieber (Chair), Ian Macdonald (Minutes), Christina Milligan, Ronald Geerts, Carmen Sofia Brenes (from 12:55).

Apologies: Anna Zaluczkowska

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

Two errors were noted and corrected minutes will be circulated.

Action: IM

  1. SRN Awards

Claus Tieber had drafted a list of questions to be resolved, for the good management of the Awards, including e.g. categories, criteria, communication etc. A detailed discussion outlined the views of the Exec. CT will complete these ‘FAQs’ with their answers, and circulate to the Exec members for final approval.

Action: CT

  1. Elections to the Executive from 2018

Armando Fumagalli had suggested Eleonore Fornasari as Elections Officer. She had agreed to do this, and the Executive were happy to confirm their agreement. IM will contact her, and will circulate the Timeline of deadlines which should be adhered to, in preparation for the AGM.

Action: IM

  1. Early Career Representative

IM reported that John Finnegan of Falmouth University (UK) had been contacted and was delighted to be co-opted as our first Early Career Representative. His first meeting with the Exec will be in Milan on 12thSeptember at 15:00 hrs.

  1. Milan Conference

There are at the present time 130 registered participants. The AGM will be held on 14thSeptember from 13:00-15:00, and the Exec Council will meet in person on 12thSeptember at 15:00 (agenda items to CT, please).

Action: CT 

  1. 2019 Conference

Guilhermina Castro and Daniel Ribas had been in contact with Anna Zaluczkowska, and had offered some suggestions for conference theme, dates and keynote speakers. The exec expressed some concern that the dates might be a little too late for European academics, and that the possibility of the first or second week in September should be discussed. There was a welcome for the first thematic suggestion – Screenwriting and Disruptive Narratives– and further discussion about the other suggestions. IM will talk with AZ about views expressed.

Action: IM, AZ

  1. Journal of Screenwriting

CT expressed friendly concern that the Journal of Screenwriting was not as visible to non-subscribing members as it might be, and was not making good use of the email list or Facebook page (nor indeed Newsletter) to call for papers or announce new issues. IM explained some of recent activities of the Editorial Board. CT expressed willingness to help with advertising/promoting issues, and IM will convey this information to Steven Price.

Action: IM, CT

  1. Any other business: Newsletter

CM reminded us that a new edition was in preparation and asked that any contributions be communicated to her and Carmen.

Action: All, CM, CSB

  1. Date and time of next meetings

13:30 Vienna/Brussels time on Friday 8thJune 2018, by Skype.