SRN Executive Minutes – August 2022

MINUTES SRN Executive Meeting


Tuesday 23 August 2022 3.00 pm GEST 

Tuesday 23 August 2022 9.00 pm AWST 

Tuesday 23 August 6.00am PST (via Teams)


Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Rafael Leal (RL), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Shaopeng Chen (SC), Margaret McVeigh (MM),


1. Apologies

Rose F, Jan C., Rafael L.


2. Minutes of previous meeting

IG proposes acceptance / RW seconds.



MM – Action plan and report posted, announcement of next meeting posted.  Link to Minutes from last year to be posted for approval.  Will plan one general email with further information.

MM- per Schedule from Claus – one hour for us including the election. Need to make sure in AGM we present Minutes from last minute.

SC – cannot attend Vienna because of quarantining issues when I return to China. 

IG – I was at a conference recently that set up some people to attend online so we can do that as well if we ask Claus. 


4. SRN 2022 Awards Update (Margaret)

Eva N has contacted with names of winners – Claus is making certificate.  Eva will present.


5. SRN Elections Update (Rosanne)

RR – Only 2 nominations – so Rose Ferrell and Rosanne Welch automatically reelected.

-Need to ask for someone to step forward and take Rafael Leal’s place as web master

-Need to thank Rafael for his work on the web, especially he and Paolo’s securing the Leeds server for another few years.

IG – We should announce it out loud at the AGM so we can reach as many as posible.  


6. SRN ERC Nominations (All)

MM – I can add that to the next email along with the next Early Career Representative.

IG – We need ask folks members in letter for being Early Career Representative.


7. SRN Newsletter (Jan & Isadora)

IG – Next newsletter after AGM – interviewing Claus about the conference.


8. SRN Exec Sept Meeting Vienna conference confirmation – date, time, place (Isadora)  

IG- meeting Friday at lunchtime (12:50) – need to check with Claus about a location. 

MM – It should be Thursday the 22nd at lunchtime so we have the date ahead.


9. Other business