SRN Executive Minutes – October 2022


Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Anna Weinstein (AW), Indranil Chakravarty (IC).

ECR Clarissa Miranda (CM)


  1. ApologiesRose F.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting


Approved and seconded.


  1. Discuss Meeting Dates/Times – rotate each month?Some members would be away from home on Saturday/don’t want to infringe on weekends.

IG – every 3rd Monday works best/stability in schedule makes it easier to plan.


Decided to meet Nov 21 @:


Rosanne: 7am

Anna W, Clarissa:  10am

Jan, Isadora: 5pm

Indranil: 7:30pm

Rose: 11pm


  1. Reorganizing EC member titles and duties/Update Website


Current language in the constitution:


5.1 The Association shall be managed by an Executive of a minimum of five persons, and a maximum of nine persons aged 18 or over, and who have been members for one year or more. The current Executive shall decide on the total number of Executive members for the following year.


5.2. The Officers of the Executive Council shall be Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer and Membership Secretary. One office may be combined with another office, if this is deemed appropriate by the Executive


Members new duties for 2022-2023 =

Chairperson – Rosanne

Deputy Chairperson – Indranil

Secretary – Anna

Webmaster – Rose

Membership – Isadora

Newsletter – Jan

ECR – Clarissa


Rosanne suggests we consider new titles for committee members. Jan is happy to change his title to Newsletter Editor, which is more specific. Rosanne suggests Webmaster for Rose’s position, rather than Communications Officer. Rosanne will write something up so we can put it to a vote for the network.


  1. ADD ECR to Constitution


–ECR definition to be written


  1. Updating Social Media/YouTube/Creating password repository-Institutional memory/Creating a Discord site/Support Working Groups more…Rosanne mentions creating a Google Drive folder for SRN-related passwords for institutional memory.


  1. Put out new Call for Hosts to follow 2024 Palacký University in the Czech Republic


  1. JC: Build a platform within the SRN for early career researchers and PhD candidates to build on our experience with online lectures and encourage international cooperation.


Jan discusses this briefly. Everyone thinks it would be a good idea. Jan will bring a more formal presentation to the next meeting to discuss.


  1. IC: Creating Repository of Screenwriting Curricula developed by SRN members


Indranil suggests creating a repository of curricula. Everyone seems to like the idea. This leads to a discussion about exchanging ideas and classroom visits. Isadora discusses COIL program where screenwriting educators can collaborate/have students collaborate on projects with students from other countries. She suggests that this curricula repository will be useful to facilitate these discussions.

IC – Different countries/cultures – we have all designed special courses/redesign our courses every year so we could learn so much from each other. Limited to members/not open to all to avoid plagiarism since curriculum is IP. Declaration about IP and its ownership.


RW – How can the university own the distinctive lectures I create/clips I show to a class.


IC- But a curriculum can’t be monetized.


CM – Brazil docs on curriculum are private, but they put them online for students.  I can ask colleagues to share. I think it’s a good idea to share.


IG – Question is up to how to keep the database – our college has it all online.  But my curriculum is all basic info. The daily details are only known to the professors.


IC – We don’t need the lesson plan, but perhaps sharing assignments. I started “Who are you?” All these should be typed so I can’t identify their handwriting, submitted anonymously.


RW – I do the History of Your name as an introductory activity.


IC – It will help us keep our courses fresh.


IG – The question is, how do we share these things? Also, interesting to know name of course and year of student. If Indranil can design the template for people to fill in, we can use that to send it out.


IC – Semester (?) /Course title /  Course Objective / List of topics / Credit hours? / Assignments / Filmography / Bibliography


IG – A shared folder on GoogleDrive can have a password – JISCmail can share the folder. Then all the pdfs country.


JC – A good idea to share such things. How many members in SRN?


IG – 700-800 members


JC – Would it be just about sharing assignments or offering to participation in others courses? COIL – shared online learning – is it like that?


IC – One issue with GoogleDrive is needing to give permission…


IG- It allows access to those with the link to avoid too many permission requests to one person’s email.


  1. RF: Record 2-3 SRN Conversations this year to catch up so we can do new ones only a year after a new conference has been held…


  1. RW: Website brainstorm – other info of interest to include (Add info on where members come from to the About section of the website/make map of the world with numbers in each country showing who is from where/-put the cute animation on the front of the website or as the first thing when you click “Conferences” tab


  1. Lifetime achievement award to Tom Stempel at SRN 2023?


Rosanne suggests this addition to the awards. Everyone thinks it’s a good idea. Indranil suggests teaching awards as well. Anna gives explanation of how it was organized for UFVA when she was on the committee. Everyone agrees it could be a nice addition to the awards, particularly if we offer three teaching awards. Anna will gather materials as examples from UFVA for the next meeting.


  1. Other business


Discussion of possibility of raising money for various projects, whether shared curricular projects, teaching awards, etc. Rosanne says it will be difficult to organize intake of money and where to hold the funds. Isadora reminds us that the network is not set up like an association. It’s currently in the constitution not to charge membership fees.


Date of next meeting:  Nov 21

Rosanne 7am

Anna W, Clarissa  10am

Jan, Isadora 5pm

Indranil 7:30pm

Rose 11pm