SRN Executive Minutes – June 2023


Monday 19th June via Zoom

Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Anna Weinstein (AW).  ECR Clarissa Miranda (CM)


  1. Apologies / Take group photo


–CM and IGA running late


  1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting


–JC approves, RF seconds


  1. JC –Newsletter question – Next one scheduled before or after SRN2023? Group suggestions for inclusion? – update on WGA strike? Updates on SRN2023?


–JC confirms the next newsletter will be in Sept. RW asks whether we want to include info/update on the writers’ strike. RF suggests it could be helpful for international SRN members to learn more about the strike, little coverage in other countries. RW gives overview and history of strike. JC suggests we email listserve to ask for comments from international guilds. RF says she’ll email listserve to ask for the names of international guilds as this information can be challenging for researchers to acquire. RW agrees this will be helpful to include in the repository for researchers.


  1. RW: Update on bids for future conferences: 2024 Palaky, 2025 South Australia, 2026 Oxford Brookes. Can we solidify one more this year? (Spain, Brazil, Milan?)


–RW updates that 2024-2026 conference locations are confirmed. IG reports that she spoke to Armando re Milan for 2027, and he has confirmed interest. RW will correspond with Armando so he can put forward a formal bid/proposal.


  1. Update on Book/Monograph Awards. Move to 2 year submission cycles?


–RW updates that she spoke the Tom, Eva, and Carmen and there have been only three article nominations and no book nominations to date. Suggestion to move the deadline to mid-July. All agree this makes sense. RF suggests we add a FB post re the book nominations to encourage submissions. RF also points out new page on the website, could be wise to direct traffic to the new page; book award winners will be commemorated online going forward. Open discussion about English language books having an advantage over books written in other languages. RW will email judges to ask whether they are open to guest judges who can read in other languages to encourage more submissions. If judges agree, RW will email listserve to request volunteer readers in other languages to serve as guest judges in years to come.


  1. IG/RF – Any further updates on membership/new survey response


  1. RW – Update on Google Analytics report and upgrade


–RF reports large base of U.S. subscribers but few who are active members. Also reports significant interest and engagement from subscribers in China. RW reminds RF and all that EC member will draft a few paragraphs to share the AGM meeting in Sept.


  1. Working Group Update: CM Report on middle year online meeting between working groups and Early Career Researchers to be held in June.


–CM reports she was happy to get Kate on board to present at the workshop, date still TBD, but looking at the first two weeks of August. Kate was mentored by Margaret McVeigh in Australia for her PhD, currently living in Australia and working with Disney but originally from Brazil. No new updates about working groups, but she will have more to report for the next meeting.


  1. RW/ALL: Update on elections during SRN.


–AW reports that she hasn’t received any interest about new EC members. She will put out another call to the listserve in early July.


  1. RF: Update: spot on website to post all award winners (books, articles, Tom’s award) permanently.


–RF directs EC members to new page on website. All agree it looks great!


  1. RF: Update on SRN Conversation planning


  1. RW: SRN 2023 Conference Update – RW – Registrations coming in/panels being constituted to post on website/Costume Exhibition planned to coincide/Jeff Melvoin Showrunner training added


–RW reports few registrations to date, expects this is due to availability of travel funding, expecting more later in the summer. RW has already started scheduling, will post the presentation/presenter titles on the website shortly. JC suggests international presenters are scheduled for days 2 and 3 to accommodate for jetlag. RW will revisit the schedule with this in mind.


  1. CM: Status on other forms of social media connection – reviving Instagram/need login password


–RW updates CM that we would like to put out a call on FB for SRN members to self-nominate recent books for book award.


  1. RW – Requesting more book reviews for JOS.


  1. Other business: Any vacations to consider in planning next meetings?


Date of next meeting(s): July 17 (Anna on holiday), August 21 (Isadora on holiday), September 19 or 20 (In person at SRN2023 – Time TBD)