SRN Executive Minutes – August 2023

Monday, August 21, 2023

Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Anna Weinstein (AW).  ECR Clarissa Miranda (CM)


  1. Apologies / Take group photo


  1. Approval of Minutes of 2 previous meetings (June and July)


–JC approves June, RF seconds

–RW approves July


  1. JC –Newsletter question – Group suggestions for inclusion? Next release date?


–JC announces Friday deadline for next newsletter

–RW suggests a reminder for people to register for the Sept conference


  1. RW: Update on bids for future conferences: 2024 Palaky, 2025 South Australia, 2026 Oxford Brookes. Armando in Milan sent bid on 7-8-2023 for Milan 2027)- other expressions of interest via email are: Ruth Gutiérrez Delgado,


  1. Update on Book/Monograph Awards. 5 articles, 2 books as of 8-15. ACTION:

Winners given to Chair by Sept. 9th.  If they can’t be at the conference we ask for a video.


–RW reports that the Tom Stempel will be awarded his prize first, and then he will announce the book award winners. JC will have about 10 minutes to introduce the conference for Sept ’24.


  1. Working Group Update: CM Report on online meeting between working groups and Early Career Researchers. Also, should we delete the 3rd and 4th ones on the website as we’ve seen no new activity this year (Collaborative/Women in)? ALSO: Status on other forms of social media connection – reviving Instagram/need login password


–CM reports that she has created five Instagram posts that will post in the next two weeks. CM asks whether we should have a LinkedIn account. Rosanne says this is a good idea. Early career researchers event, “Intersections between research and practice” – will be Oct 20, 7am AEST.


  1. AW: Update on elections/submissions/deadline? New nominee hasn’t registered yet so if we decided to add him we should set a zoom with all of us to meet him first, maybe in the October meeting. Also, need new ECR… Joanne Tindale, other ideas?


–AW reports that Lucien is the only applicant/submission for the EC. RW will email Lucien and will make a formal announcement that Isadora and Jan will continue their service. RW reminds EC that we will need a new ECR.


  1. IG/RF – Any further updates on membership/new survey response / Update on Google Analytics report and upgrade w/Leeds


–RF updates that Rafael stepped in to help so Rose has access to the analytics in case anyone wants details.


  1. AW/RF: Update on other Writers Guilds/Post this on page of Website? What else to do with the info? Here’s a spreadsheet with the guild info she’s received so far:


–RF reports that she added links to the website. All agree that this is useful. General discusión of including additional information provided by contributors. AW suggests we shouldn’t add contributors’ names as we didn’t get permission. All agree.

  1. RF: Update on SRN Conversation planning


–RF updates on SRN Conversation planning. RF suggests that London has its own Conversation because there are four members, all four at different institutions. Was hoping to have New Zealand representative. Will get back to Kristen and Carmen and hope to have an Oct date.


  1. RW: SRN 2023 Conference Update – Registrations coming in/list of presentations posted to website/ Costume Exhibition planned to coincide/moved as many Europeans to Friday as possible for jet lag.


–RW reports that everything is coming along, registrations are coming in. RW reports keynote times/decisions: Thursday morning, Meg LeFauve and Loriene McKenna; Thursday evening, Phil Lazebnik; Friday morning, Jeff Melvoin; Sat morning, Meg and Loriene’s podcast.


  1. EC job descriptions: find and/or come up with descriptions of all the EC responsibilities.–All agree to return to and review descriptions shared by RF at next meeting after conference. RW suggests we might post on the SRN website after approval from all.


  1. Other business


Date of next meeting(s): September 19 or 20 (In person at SRN2023 – Time TBD)

Next year’s meeting schedule to be determined by new EC- but let’s set Monday October 23rd for now.