Screenwriting Labour Organizations Internationally

The Screenwriting Research Network has recently conducted a survey of its members to gather information about their local professional screenwriting organization. The following list is compiled from the answers given. If your organization is not listed, please feel free to contact the Website Coordinator within the Executive Council to request that it is added.


Country or Region Name  of Screenwriting Labour Organization
Australia Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) Link here.
Belgium, Flanders Scenaristengilde ( Link here) & Association des Scénaristes de l’Audiovisuel (ASA) Link here.
Brazil Associação Brasileira de Autores Roteiristas (ABRA) Link here.
Canada Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) Link here.
China China Central Academy of Drama (through the academic journal) Link here.
Czech Republic Association of Czech Film Directors, Screenwriters and Script Editors Link here.
Denmark Dramatiker Forbundet – Dramatist’s Union Link here.
England Writer’s Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) Link here.
France la Guilde française des scénaristes Link here.
Germany Deutscher Drehbuch Verband/DDV Link here.
India The Screenwriters Association (SWA) Link here.
Ireland Writers Guild of Ireland Link here.
Israel Screenwriters Guild of Israel Link here.
New Zealand New Zealand Writers Guild Link here.
Portugal APAD – Associação Portuguesa de Argumentistas e Dramaturgos Link here.
South Africa Writers Guild of South Africa (WGSA) Link here.
Spain Sindicato de guionistas ALMA  Link here.    | Foro de Asociaciones de Guionistas Audio Link here.
Sweden Dramatikerförbundet – Writers Guild of Sweden Link here.
USA WGAW (Writers Guild of America West)  Link here. | WGAE (Writers Guild of America East) Link here.
International International Affiliation of Writers Guilds (IAWG) Link here.
Europe Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE) Link here.