SRN Executive minutes – March 2019

Minutes SRN EC Meeting

Wednesday 27 March 2019 at 21.30 Vienna Time

Participants: CSB (chair), CT (minutes), AZ, JF, MMcV,

Excused: PR, CM

  1. Approval of the minutes 190219 (last meeting)


  1. Next Conferences:

Information about the SRN Call for Conferences (CSB)

CSB received three mails from international facilities (Singapur, UK, Ottawa), but these are commercial institutions. In her response she made clear that we are looking for non-commercial organizers, located in universities, film schools etc.

  1. Porto Conference

Registration is not open yet. The organizers need to communicate information when it actually opens.

  1. Newsletter

March edition is ready, thanks to CM and MMcV.

The EC discussed the statistics of our newsletter and how we can get information about it. Instead of sending the whole newsletter out as attached pdf, we could just send a list of the topic with links to the whole newsletter on our website. This way we could get detailed statistics. The newsletter itself doesn’t need to be changed at all for this technical improvement.

We also have no numbers and stats of our website.

  1. Awards

The first nomination for an article came in and was forwarded to the members of the jury.

  1. Other business

JF reports from his very successful workshop about screenwriting research.

He will write a short report for our next newsletter. JF also created a SRN banner, which could be used at other occasions.

CT reports that a German language network for screenwriting research will be founded in November. A CfP for the first workshop will be published in our newsletter.

Next meeting: Wednesday 24 April 2019, 21.30 Vienna Time

End of meeting: 22:30 Vienna time


SRN Executive Minutes – February 2019

Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 21.30 Vienna Time

Participants: CSB (chair), CT (minutes), AZ, PR, JF (only at the very beginning, due to technical problems)

Excused: Christina


  1. Approval of the minutes 190122 (last meeting)



  1. Next Conferences:

Discussion about the text of the Call for next conference organisers – 2021-2023.

Draft accepted with few corrections. Deadline will be April 30th, decisions to be made in the June meeting. Official communication at the AGM in Porto. (to the organizers after the June meeting) Applications can be made for a specific year, or for all years. In the later case it’s up to the EC to choose the year.

The Call will be send via our list and put on our website. After that we will spread it similarly to the CfPs for our conferences and spread via our channels of communications. We will use the list of the Porto CfP to coordinate the distribution among us.


  1. Porto Conference

Response of the Porto organizers about our answer regarding their need for help with the election of abstracts (vid the Minutes of last meeting, AZ + CSB)

A lot of work was done in the selection processes and we thank the organizers for that.

We suggest to send the comments that were written during this process to the applicants in order to approve their presentations, but it is up to them if they want to do this.

The applicants will be informed by March 1st.

We accept the rejections, although we consider these decisions to be the responsibility of the organizers, not of the EC.


  1. Newsletter

Lots of information for the newsletter was received. The next one will be send out in a couple of weeks.


  1. Awards

We have a number of nominations for the book award, but not a single one for an article. We will remind members of this category in the next newsletter.

PR will get in contact with Steven Price, who as editor of the JoS should have a good overview about articles to be published during the timespan eligible for the award.


  1. Other business

We discussed the option of an additional page on our website for Early Carrier Researchers. The EC prefers to focus on social media in this case instead of putting up a new page with not enough content.

CSB will represent SRN with the Yearbook of International Organizations, a publication of the Union of International Associations,


Next meeting. Wednesday March 20 at 21:30 Vienna time.

SRN Executive Minutes – January 2019

SRN Minutes 22 January 2019

Screenwriting Research Network Executive Council

Minutes of the EC meeting 21:30 (Vienna time)

22.01.2019 via Skype


Attendees: Carmen Sofia Brenes (Chair), Christina Milligan (Minutes), John Finnegan, Margaret McVeigh, Paolo Russo

Apologies: Claus Tieber

Absent (technical problems): Anna Zaluczkowska


Agenda SRN EC Meeting

  1. Approval of the minutes 181219 (last meeting)

Approved.                                                                                                                                  Action:These can now be put up on the website (AZ).


  1. Porto Conference

Good mix of guest speakers noted.

Regarding whether an Executive Committee member should be involved with reviewing the abstracts, it was noted that the EC has great confidence in the Porto committee and EC involvement is not necessary. EC is happy to engage with Porto committee if they have particular issues that need to be discussed.  Individual members of EC could also be approached by Porto to engage with their executive committee on an individual basis, rather than as members of the EC.

(CSB to discuss EC response with AZ for forwarding to Porto committee).


  1. Newsletter

Next newsletter will come out end of February/beginning of March – call for submissions will go out early/mid-February.

JF is sharing points from newsletter on social media to widen its reach.


  1. Awards

Book nominations are coming in but not nominations for articles. Discussion re how to draw attention to the award for articles.  JF is promoting on social media and also working on how to bring more attention to articles published in JOS for example.  Suggestions we push this on Twitter also and put out a reminder towards the June deadline.  Will also do reminders in next two newsletters (CM/MM).


  1. Call for next conference organisers – 2021-2023

The EC hopes that the annual conference can be held more often outside Europe and noted that there are a large number of members in the US. CSB/PR will write a request for proposals to be circulated around March this year.  There was agreement that September remains a very good time for the conference to be held.


  1. Other business
  • JF has put out a call for interest in organizing one-day conferences, particularly for early-career researchers. He is working on one to be held in Falmouth in March and has had good expressions of interest in the UK.  Importance of branding discussed, with JF’s suggestion of an SRN banner being made for use at such conferences appreciated.  This will also be useful for visual branding on social media.
  • Steven Price has confirmed he will update the EC every 2-3 months on the Journal of Screenwriting.
  • Book reviews editor for JOS Rosanne Welch will let us know if/when they need new book reviews (currently already several lined up for forthcoming issues).
  • Membership remains fairly steady with departures being balanced by new members.


Meeting ended at ca. 22.10 Vienna time

Next meeting: Feb 19thor 26th at 21:30 Vienna time (Date to be confirmed)

Call for Conferences

Screenwriting Research Network: Call for Conferences

The Screenwriting Research Network is looking for proposals to host its International Conferences in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The Screenwriting Research Network ( is an international research network of scholars, reflective practitioners and practice-based researchers, interested in the conceptualisation of film, TV and other media narratives; or Screenwriting Studies, as it has become known. Membership is currently drawn from 48 countries worldwide and still growing, with strong representation from the USA, Europe and Australasia, and recent members from several other countries, including Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

The SRN began as a study group at the University of Leeds, UK, in 2006, and started its programme of international conferences in 2008, also at Leeds. Since then annual conferences have been held in Helsinki (2009), Copenhagen (2010), Brussels (2011), Sydney (2012), Madison-Wisconsin (2013), Potsdam-Babelsberg (2014), London (2015), Leeds (2016), Otago-Dunedin in New Zealand (2017) and Milan (2018). A special international conference was also held in Santiago, Chile in May 2015. In 2019 we will meet at the Catholic University of Portugal in Porto, whereas the 2020 conference will be held in Oxford.

Over the years, the programme has attracted eminent scholars and Oscar-winning screenwriters amongst the keynote speakers, and includes: David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, Kristin Thompson, Torben Grodal, Adrian Martin, Brian Winston, Jonathan Powell, Milcho Manchevski, Larry Gross, Jean-Claude Carrière, Ronald Harwood, Hossein Amini and Neil Landau among many others. Key papers are often published in the Journal of Screenwriting (Intellect).

The SRN conferences usually take place in September/October each year. Recent conferences have attracted 150-175 participants and around 100 papers and presentations. We expect further growth. Our conferences are usually hosted by university departments or film schools, often as a partnership between such institutions; for example, our 2015 London conference was a collaboration between Royal Holloway University of London, University of Greenwich, University of East London and Bangor University, and the 2020 Oxford conference will be co-hosted by Oxford Brookes University and Canterbury Christchurch University. Collaborations with archives or festivals,
writers’ associations or guilds, and other public bodies are welcomed.

Each conference is financially self-supporting with actual costs borne or raised by the host institutions. Sources range from public bodies and institutions to sponsorship of some events, to conference fees from participants. The SRN supports each conference with advice and contacts, but not finance. This is not a profit-making enterprise, and commercial proposals are not accepted.

If you are interested in organizing an SRN annual international conference, please contact the SRN Chairman, Prof. Carmen Sofia Brenes (Universidad de los Andes, Santiago, Chile) at the address below, for further information or for an informal chat. Formal proposals should be received by 30thApril 2019, via email. The proposal should be no longer than four pages, outlining the location and institution, facilities, ease of travel and communication, appropriate organising staff, and an indication of how institutional and financial commitment will be forthcoming. A simple budget should be appended.

For further information or an informal chat (preferably via Skype), contact Prof. Brenes at

The SRN Executive Council will consider all proposals through Spring/Summer 2019, and may require further information, before making decisions. We hope to complete the process by the end of June 2019 and announce the next Conference in Porto.

The SRN exists to encourage networking among screenwriting scholars and will support and disseminate information about appropriate events. Besides our annual conferences, therefore, there is also the possibility of regional conferences, one-day workshops and other forms of smaller events. If you are planning to organize such an event and want the help and support of the network, please contact us, and the SRN Executive Council will consider how we might help.



SRN Executive Minutes December 2018

Screenwriting Research Network Executive Council

Minutes of the EC meeting 09:30 (Weds, NZ time) / 21:30 (Vienna time)

19.12.2018 via Skype


Attendees: Claus Tieber (Chair), Christina Milligan (Minutes), Paolo Russo, Margaret McVeigh

Apologies: Carmen Sofia Brenes

Absent: John Finnegan, Anna Zaluckowska


Agenda SRN EC Meeting

  1. Approval of the minutes 18/11/20 (last meeting)

Approved                                                                                                                              Action: These can now be put up on the website (AZ)


  1. Porto Conference

CFP has been widely distributed (gone out twice to list). Conference website is up and looks good.


  1. SRN Webpage and social media

Small amendments have now been made as needed to webpage. Social media is growing slowly and JF is keeping Facebook and Twitter going well – Porto will be a good time to assess progress.  New members seem to be signing up to the SRN at a rate of about one a week.


  1. Awards

Book nominations coming in.  No nominations for articles so far.  We will put reminder re article award in next newsletter (CM) and discuss how to promote in more depth at next meeting.


  1. Other business

We need to advertise when the next Journal of Screenwriting is coming out (FB, Twitter).  PR waiting for reply from Steven Price for update re journal.


  1. To be included in agenda for next meeting
  • New section on website for ECR? (Not discussed at this meeting)
  • Promotion of award for articles
  • Call for next conference organisers – 2021-2023 – call likely to go out around March


Meeting ended at ca. 10.00 NZ time / 22.00 Vienna time

Next meeting: Jan 22nd at 21:30 Vienna time

SRN Executive Minutes November 2018

Screenwriting Research Network Executive Council

Minutes of the EC meeting 21:30 (Vienna time)

20.11.2018 via Skype


Attendees: Carmen Sofia Brenes (Chair), Claus Tieber (Minutes), John Finnigan, Paolo Russo, Anna Zaluczkowska

Excused: Christina Milligan, Margaret McVeigh


Agenda SRN EC Meeting

  1. Approval of the minutes 181030 (last meeting)



  1. News from Porto Conference

2.1. Call for papers

2.2. Feedback from Guillhermina about our suggestions regarding schedule,

photos, places to have short meetings.

Organizers took comments into account. CfP will be send out via our list by Daniel Ribas or Giullhermina Castro.

CT has already communicated the CfP via diverse list, will send this list to PR, who will make a google doc so we can all help to spread the call as wide as possible.

Action: google doc with list of organisations, mailing lists etc. where we want to post the CfP for the Porto conference – PR


  1. Newsletter: any feedback?

No feedback so far, which is not considered as a bad sign by the members of the EC.


  1. SRN Webpage and social media:

4.1. New section in the webpage for ECR

4.2. FB and Twitter: movement?

4.3 SARP and Bibliography: how to proceed?

Space for ECR on our website is possible. We should all look for examples and best practices.

Action                        all

 JF is not satisfied with the growth of our twitter account. (117 followers so far), on FB we have 1123 subscribers, but we started earlier. These things need time.

One of the problems is content. There is just not enough content.

SARP and Bibliography should be at the center of a little communication “campain” in January, focusing on social media.


  1. ECRs questionnaire (John)

Was sent out by John.


  1. Awards

Nominations for the book category are already in. Information about the award was communicated via numerous channels. (additional ones are welcome)


  1. Any other business

Membership infos and access to jiscmail was handed over to PR by Ronald Geerts.


Meeting ended at ca. 22.30 Vienna time

Next meeting: Dec. 18that 21:30 Vienna time

Historiographic Research in Screenwriting – Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Historiographic Research in Screenwriting

The Journal of Screenwriting is calling for articles for a special issue on the historiography of screenwriting, to be published in November 2019.

The Journal wants to emphasize the importance of screenwriting history and historiographical research, covering the broad field from media archaeology to historical case studies to a crisis historiography that includes questions of format, copyrights, professionalization, and narrative structure.

In order to better understand the role of screenwriting in filmmaking as well as in academic research, it is our task to scrutinize the development of the craft, profession, and art: the discourses, the pedagogy, and the analysis of screenplays, script development and the work of specific screenwriters and their importance for the development of screenwriting.

Articles may include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Pre-screenplay documents in Early Cinema
  • Screenwriting and Screenwriters in silent cinema
  • The history of the format
  • Screenwriting and historical modes of production
  • Global histories and local case studies
  • Historiography of manuals and screenwriting pedagogy
  • Female Screenwriters (especially in the silent era)
  • National and global tendencies – relations, influences, cultural transfers
  • Censorship and screenwriting
  • Development: analysis of script developments in historical case studies
  • Screenplay as literature: published screenplays in the 1920s
  • Autorenkino in Germany in the 1910s and 20s
  • Eminent authors: case studies of established writers and their fate in the industry
  • Screenwriting and the literary avant-garde
  • Social history of screenwriters, working conditions, reputation, etc.
  • Theoretical questions of authorship based on historical evidence (e.g. the case of

    the American Author’s Association AAA)
    In the first instance, please email abstracts of up to 400 words and a short biography, no

    later than Wednesday 16 January 2019 to BOTH of the editors of this special issue: Claus Tieber,
    Steven Price,

    Completed articles of between 4000 and 8000 words should be sent by 29 April 2019via the Journal of Screenwriting’s web page, where you can also access information on the journal’s house style:,id=182/

    The Journal of Screenwriting is an international peer-reviewed journal published three times p.a. by Intellect, and is abstracted and indexed by Thomson Reuters: ISI Web of Knowledge, MLA and FIAF. It explores the nature of writing for the screen image; this includes not only writing for film and television but also computer games and animation. The journal highlights current academic and professional thinking about the screenplay and intends to promote, stimulate and bring together current research and contemporary debates around the screenplay whilst encouraging groundbreaking research in an international arena. The journal is discursive, critical, rigorous and engages with issues in a dynamic and developing field, linking academic theory to screenwriting practice.

SRN Executive Minutes October 2018

Agenda SRN EC Meeting

30.10.2018 at 17.30 Chile

Attending: CB (Chair), CT (Minutes), AT, CM, JF, MM, PR

  1. Minutes of the last two meetings

One correction in the minutes of the short meeting at Milan; Paolo and Margaret’s responsibilities: Paolo – Membership, Margaret – treasurer

Minutes approved

  1. Experiences from Milano:

Feedback to the Milano session focused on the following points:

Too many panels at the same time

Too many keynotes

The number of panels are an effect of the growing network. Additional workshops or one-day conferences on special topics could somehow relieve the annual conference. But in general we are happy to expand.

There should be a difference between keynotes, interviews and other formats. Keynote speakers should focus on the conference’s topic. There should be a balance between scholars and practitioners as well a gender balance.

Three or four keynotes would be enough.


2.2. Photos of sessions (Paolo)

JF will post some of the photos Armando sent us on social media.


2.3. Spaces to have informal meetings (CSB)

There should be a space at our annual conferences where people can meet, talk and network.


  1. News from Porto Conference

The organizers of the Porto conference want our feedback on their CfP and the forms of presentation they want to offer. We agree to collect individual feedback per e-mail, and send let Anna as the conference liaison for Porto communicate it.


  1. Newsletter

Will be send out soon.


  1. SRN Webpage and social media:

5.1. Content: FB and Twitter @SRNConference

5.2 Link resources (SARP and Bibliography) on a regular basis for more visibility

5.3. A few corrections/updates needed on website


We have more than 100 followers on Twitter since JF started an account, (we have over 1000 on FB)

JF will send a request for content once a month to find infos for social media and the newsletter.

He will also remind people of SARP and the bibliography.

PR suggests a list of things to change on our website. We will all collect proposals until the next meeting.

There might be a membership area on our website.

Could there be an EC corner on our website?


  1. ECRs questionnaire (John)

JF will prepare a questionnaire for ECR.

Infos about research funding are needed. Early Career screenwriting researchers might want to have a place where they can present their work online, even if it is not yet finished.

Is a database of PhD thesis in screenwriting research possible?

Book reviews for the JoS would be a chance for first publications. (and more reviews)


  1. Relationship between the SRN and the JoS.

7.1. Encouraging scholars to publish about screenwriting in other Journals

7.2. Diversity and awareness (CSB)


postponed to next meeting


  1. Membership:

8.1. More formal membership, introducing membership fees?

8.2. Access to website/JISCMail

8.3. Membership data handling


Ronald Geerts will give PR access to our membership data. Other topics postponed.


  1. Funding: call, networking fund application (COST)



  1. Awards

CT will communicate the award via different channels. Others are invited to support the distribution of the awards information.


  1. Any other business

Date of next meeting: November 20th2018 at 21:30 Vienna time

SRN Conference 2019

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit abstracts for the SRN Conference 2019 “Screen Narratives: Chaos and Order”, that will take place between 12th and 14th of September, at School of Arts, Catholic University of Portugal, Porto (Portugal). You can present an individual submission of traditional paper presentations, practice-based presentation, audiovisual essays or a panel submission (traditional presentation or discussion panel). For details and submissions, please see

As usual, we will also have pre-conference activities in 11th September. We will send you the pre-conference program as well as the keynotes information in a further e-mail.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

The Organization Committee