SRN EC Minutes – November 2021

SRN Executive Meeting

Monday 22 November October 2021 10 pm GMT/UTC 

Tuesday 23 November 2021 7.00 am AEST (via Teams)


Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Rafael Leal (RL), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Shaopeng Chen (SC), Margaret McVeigh (MM),

  • Apologies


  • Minutes of previous meeting

RF – proposes accepting.

IG – Seconded. 

  • SRN Conference Vienna 2022 (Guests: Conference Hosts: Claus Tieber & Stephanie Schwarz Uni of Vienna)


CT gives information on planning stages. Funding in process. One has come through. Fee for conference will be similar to past (in vicinity 100 Euro). Special rates for ECRs.  Keynote speakers invited. Discussion of narrative new perspectives, one on Cinema in Diaspora and practical keynote – masterclass at film academy by (female director nominated for Oscar 2 years ago).

  • Elefteria Thanouli, University of Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Jigna Desai, University of Minnesota (not yet confirmed)

  • Götz Spielmann, writer-director


CFP reminder will go out in early December on old website. Plus FB site. Awaiting new graphic logo.

Reception at City Hall on night before – Wed 21st.  Outdoor event in the works. 

3 day conference, a few rooms available, will affect how many can present.  Round Tables in the works.

AGM on middle day – Friday – to collect more members will start with Round Table as happened online for Oxford conference to bring in Austrian screenwriters with members of Network.

Presentation for next conference will be near the end.  Close with award ceremony.  

EC organizes members of jury for awards. Which jury member will be in person in Vienna? 

EC will make graphic design certificates for the book and article award winners. 

Sponsored by Tom Stempel at first. 

Last EC I was part of we decided to give away a lifetime achievement from time to time – to someone who had done a lot for screenwriting studies and to the SRN.  We had intended to give it in Oxford.  We should prepare a video of colleagues congratulating him. 

Framing the AGM with all these events should bring in more attendees.

Planning room for work groups to meet in person.

Asks for suggestions of anything else needed for the program.

Print program or only online?  


MM – I’ve attended conferences with apps that held programs and other info.  Those who want can print their own copy. Might use a billboard display for everyone to check. 

CT – Room events will be posted on the doors. Registration will have a full list.  Internet access from the university.  

MM – Final meeting of this EC before conference. Chance to let the chairperson explain what will be in the AGM meeting.  

CT – Will find a room on Wednesday for that. Perhaps during lunch. 

MM – So we need to find a new judge for the awards. Possible sponsorship for monetary award.

CT – Due to Covid we should set a date for deciding if this conference should go online.  Much depends on if members can find funding from their universities.  

RW – For travelers across the ocean we should settle the date by May/June. Revisit this question in April.

MM – In Otago they had to pay to rent the rooms at their uni – do you have to do that?

CT – One room only.  But if we cancel we don’t have to pay.  

JC – Are you considering limitations such as requiring vaccinations?

CT – You have to be currently.  Some colleagues in the UK aren’t given funds to travel to the EU right now.

RF – Is there a minimum number you need to attend?

CT – We can have a small number but what happens to those who can’t come?

RW – How many attended the South American regional conference?

RF – 20 or so – wonderful for meeting and getting to know each other but not planned as the full, annual conference.  

CT – When we have questions for EC to organize a conference do we email the whole EC or is there a contact person?

MM – I will do that but then CC all others if they need to know.  Thanks to Claus and Stephanie for their report today.  We are looking forward to meeting you both in person in Vienna in September.

  • SRN Digital Marketing updates (Newsletter, Facebook etc)

MM – Congratulations to Jan and Isadora on a wonderful first newsletter.

JC – It will come out quarterly.

MM – Constitution doesn’t say the ECR has to do FB posts so we should look for a new plan.

RF – Perhaps ECR assembles material – sends to other member to do posting.  Or ask newsletter person to do FB.  

MM – Table this for next month agenda. 

JC – We could have call with ECR to think about sharing communication duties.

MM – Excellent.

  • SRN Executive proposed dates for meetings 2022


All good – just moved Aug. 22 to 29 for Spanish holidays.

  • SRN Action Plan 2022

MM – Going over Action Plan.  What should we prioriticize. Covering topics in Action Plan – we can look into any website business next meeting.

–Approach Jill Nelmes or Jule Selbo?  

RF – We should research all the top academics in the field now. We could all have a list at the next meeting. Might find someone who isn’t an English-first speaker.

MM – Action item – we will all come with a list of a few people to approach. Bring a short bio.  

JC – Warren Buckland?

RW – He works with Paolo so he could be asked.  But we are replacing a female academic so we should keep that in mind.

IG – I can look at non-English speakers and bring a list. 

RF – Great way to keep it international.

MM – Need to check the publication dates required for entrants.

MM – Point #7 – how to attract international membership beyond current members.

RF – Ongoing – I’m about to put out a new post about asking colleagues to join the network. It’s always worth adding a sentence to communications with non-members to see if they know about the Network. I just met on the ECR Symposium a dual-language screenwriter and asked him about other colleagues.

MM – Points 10 and 11 have to do with posting short videos and continuing the online oral history.  Ongoing.   #12 is to support working groups.  Has that become so normalized that we can’t add much to that?

RF – Our role is to encourage them but not necessarily to motivate them.  They may be stumbling a bit but they have to live in their own worlds and manage themselves. The script reading from the online conference worked well as a way to show how the practice-based working group works.  Such groups have their own lives but not sure the EC has a place in pushing them on.

MM – I wonder how many new members we have who might not know about the working groups – we could post about them in the newsletter with contacts.

IG – If we coordinate the marketing strategy and do something like ‘The Month of the Working Group” – we can discuss that at the next meeting to establish.

RF – We should check in with the coordinators to see if they are still in existence and want the support.

IG – We can do that closer to the time we plan the next newsletter. 

  • SRN Academic Papers Database


RF – A new member said she joined in order to Access our database. She wasn’t yet a student and needed articles for study. As I understand it we only have the bibliography list – we need to find who set that up to see what state it is in. If it’s a going concern we can post more about it. Meant to offer everyone a growing list of new materials worth using.

MM – There are certain key pieces that have advanced our discipline so it’s worth collecting them for new members to learn.  

  • Other business 


RF – We need to add coordinating the next oral history interview to get that done this year.

           –  Screen Industries Growth Network email plus other business 

MM – Meeting adjourned 2:18pm PST.


SRN EC Minutes – October 2021

SRN EC Meeting – October Minutes

Monday 18 October 2021 10 pm GMT/UTC 

Tuesday 19 October 2021 7.00 am AEST (via Teams)


Circulation list: Rosanne Welch (RW), Rose Ferrell (RF), Rafael Leal (RL), Jan Cernik (JC), Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA), Shaopeng Chen (SC), Margaret McVeigh (MM), 




1. Apologies for absence

Isadora Garcia Avis (IGA


2. Minutes of previous EC Meeting for approval

RF – Proposes approval.

RW – Seconds


2021 SRN Conference Follow up (All)

MM – General response?  And request to send a thank you to Paolo Russo.

RW – Very much appreciated the way online let many more members take part.

RF – Agree – need to thank Paolo for meeting the challenge.  Also, we should find a way to incorporate some of the advantages of these online events.

MM – Claus Tieber would like to meet with us next month to address upcoming conference plans.  As to online being part of in person events – we did try this for ASPERA in Australia but they wanted in person people to confirm to pay for keynote speakers and their lodging/travel.


RF – upcoming conference in Australia is offering one day online and 2 days in person. Also, online doesn’t have to be free.  It can attract more people to take part.


MM – Recent online event I attended was 350 Euros in person / 150 Euros online.  In regards to thanking Paolo shall I write thank you letter from me as Executive or mention in the newsletter?  

RW – Yes in the newsletter as some newer members might not know his complete involvement.

RF – And he had planned 2 conferences actually, with the first being cancelled due to the pandemic.


2021 Early Career Researchers Online Symposium  

MM – Anne has been away on school holidays but sent message – things moving along well.  RF will be morning co-chair host/Rosamund co-chair host afternoon.  Anne will send more info and would like it posted to FB as well.

RF – Will be hosted on the 2021 conference site so it should go as smoothly as the SRN conference.

JC- It’s already up on the conference site.


2022 SRN Conference (All)

MM – Claus will speak with us next November.  Call for Papers went out yesterday – time to plan your abstract/paper.  We expect to all be present in person.  


EC roles and planning (All)

  1. Inductions
  2. Status update
  3. Collaborations

MM – Time to plan for new roles in the new year and advise new members about roles and responsibilities.

RF – We could have each older member explain their role…

MM – Elections are 2 year periods. I’m starting again a second term. We agreed that I would be Chair this year through the Vienna conference – then Rosanne will take the 2nd year leading up to her conference in the U.S. in 2023.  As an Australian member I want to build on our membership from this part of the world.  Happy to have Shaopeng here to represent that part of the world and thanks to RF for all of her work as Membership member to build that.  I plan to set up a small regional conference during ASPERA this year to engage the Asian world.

RW – As Secretary I type the Minutes and sometimes ask for clarification for some of what has been said.

RF – As Membership and Inclusion Officer I help people who want to join who find us online and click the link that leads to JISCMAIL, hosted by Leeds for a few more years thanks to RL’s work on all things tech.  Then I’m listed as an administrator of JISCMAIL so I can accept the membership and then send a personal letter of welcome to new members that explains the SRN.  Then I send the form that asks for further data to get more data on who are our members. I’m the first person in contact with them.  I read all the forms and learn who the person is so I can understand what level they are at their university and what interests them in the SRN.  I want to be able to use the forms to create stronger connections between members.  I like to be in contact with academics around the world to encourage us to join – just like when MM and RL and I met in Chile and here we are involved deeply with the organization.

RW – It was RF who made sure that our JOS Special Issue on Women in Screenwriting was as international as possible so that there are now 4 people on this EC that had articles in that issue.

MM – And you were instrumental to the online interview series with past conference organizers to begin our oral history of the SRN.

RF – Which reminds me to tell SP and JC that the EC is a chance to bring any of your own new ideas to the table.

RL –  Extending SRN into underrepresented areas such as Latin America where the challenge is to make people go to in person conferences which can be very expensive considering universities don’t cover such expenses.  I have to do it on my own funds, which I have because I am also a screenwriter.  So we should look to ways to help there.  Then we need better membership in Asia and Africa.  We are woefully underrepresented there.  

Also I think we should continue the oral histories because history matters so that our information won’t disappear into a data hole.  We need to interview them while the have photos and fresh memories. Those are my 2 most important goals.  We talked last term about revamping the website but the more I use it, the more I think it’s fine.  It suits us now.

RW – I agree. Why revamp what looks fine? Better to build up the YouTube Channel and other social media areas (TikTok) to keep us connected to newer and younger members.  

RF – Can we share the Google password for us all to access?  

RL – The security alerts make that difficult because it requests the SCMS confirmation which makes it difficult.

JC – Does the Google Drive allow us to share files anyway?  

RL – You don’t have to log in to upload to the GoogleDrive.

MM – And you upload the Minutes after each meeting…

RL – Yes.

MM- From last meeting Jan and Isadora will do the newsletter together.  I forwarded them the templates which came to me form Carmen, using Pages.  Then SC as ECR will look after the social media.  Also, you both have new ideas to share – but first I wanted to put on the table that we have a bunch of communications channels but they don’t always talk to each other.  A marketing master I know offered some advice on what she thought – she saw a newsletter as a permanent consolidation of information and social media as updates.  Would you both like to address that going forward?

JC – We discussed newsletter with Isadora and proposal to update it.  We don’t use Pages and aren’t graphic designers so we want to create a new version. We are thinking of using MailChimp.

RW – Yes I use that in my MFA.

RL – Yes it is good.  But I also suggest Canva. I use it for my presentations.

JC – We will try Canva.  I prepared a draft newsletter for this meeting. I will share now.  We want to include more images/less text and have it branded so it matches our social media as well.  This edition is about the past conference – highlights, winners of SRN awards, news from the Council, etc.  Then there can be permanent sections on Call for Papers and such.  We wanted to keep those older sections and maybe a new permanent section – a short interview or a Q&A we found from older newsletters.

ALL MEMBERS – Much approval of new design/new ideas.

JC – As non-native speakers we’d need proofreaders so if MM, RF or RW will help that will be great.

RW – That’s another reason that more photos/less text is a great idea.

RF – More than happy to proofread.

MM- It should appear 4 times a year.  All it needs is Issue # to separate them out.  One issue with images – in Australia we are very big on trademarks – we’d need official permission for use of images in emails. 

JC – So everyone will receive this in an email – we can make it a pdf for posting. More people will click on links in their inbox.

RL – Pdf can also have clickable links but it’s friendlier in email.  To post to the website HTML is easier and more friendly.

MM – So it will be permanently on the site for new members to see. 

JC/RL – Yes it can be done.

RF – Question – Where will the original document live?  I’m wondering about the long term if Leeds stops being our host?

RL – Then we will move the entire website to another server and copy all the media that is stored.  But it would also be wise to save sensitive stuff in the GoogleDrive. I’ll investigate that.

MM – All approve new newsletter set up.

JC- As to sharing info for the newsletter I can share it and you all can propose what should be in the newsletter.  We can have it ready in beginning November.  

SC – First, apologies for missing the last meeting due to technical difficulties. I worked with RF during my article in the JOS and read the one written by MM and it was indeed wonderful.  So it’s a great honor to serve as a member of the EC.  

As to social media Anne sent an email handover guide on what to do about ECR – very comprehensive, detailed document.  I read it all. The biggest work of posting on FB and Twitter I have the question about the fact that those are banned in China. I can access them but software can be unstable. 

Second question, same as Jan, I’m not a native speaker of English so if I need some copyediting. 

MM – I want you to be comfortable in this role.

SC – Yes, I believe it is possible.

RF – We don’t use Twitter very much at all.  FB is more important.

RL – I just posted to Twitter because when I post Minutes it automatically posts to Twitter so it’s not dormant.

  1. Admin matters

I plan to send out a call for new Agenda items the Monday the week before our Monday/Tuesday meetings and would hope for added items by Friday so I can send out the full Agenda.


Other business

MM – We are asked to have 9 meetings across the year – we need to think about the Christmas and summer holidays – and have the last meeting pre-conference (which will be in Vienna). I will send out a list of proposed dates for the year before our next meeting.


Date of next meeting: TBD 

November 22, 2021 

SRN Executive Minutes – September 2021

SRN EC Meeting

Monday 6.9.2021 at 10 pm GMT/UTC (via Zoom)


Circulation list: Carmen Sofia Brenes (CSB), Rose Ferrell (RF), Ann Igelström (AI), Rafael Leal (RL), Margaret McVeigh (MM), Paolo Russo (PR), Rosanne Welch (RW)




Apologies for absence


Minutes of previous EC Meeting for approval

All pending Action Points have been either discharged or itemized below in the agenda.

Approved by All. Sent to RL for website posting by PR.


Approval of Annual Report and Action Plan (All)

To be approved by AGM on 13 September 2021

PR – Available on SRN2021 website for all members to read/approve during AGM. Grown more detailed each year. Report complete – Action Plan can be addended over next 2 weeks. Usually full report read at AGM, with it online we can summarize main points.

RW – Love the pie chart of membership by countries so please include that in short summary.

PR – Noted.  

Any last-minute updates/info still pending

EC members attending/presenting at AGM

Strategic priorities (from Action Plan) for new academic year

PR – Time to prioritize the Action Plan during first meeting of new EC after AGM/conference.  Suggestions:  

2.b. Generate/share guidelines for running conference. 

6.a. Replace Janet as judge next year, then Tom Stempel year after, then Eva year after that.

7 i. ii. Iii. – Website updates with banner, new forms, DEI statement

RF – Would like a mail out to all members requesting new form for new data.  Need access to GoogleDrive from RL to create form.  Will also clear out lists based on responses by certain time. 

PR – Almost 700 members to date.  Worth cleaning the list for clarity.

RF – Would like to blend JISCmail and our list together for clarity.  New points to discuss at ongoing EC in the new year.a. record round table with earlier conference organizers

PR – Intends to do some one off Zoom talks – one could be another of these oral histories

14 – Yearbook of international organizations – done 4 years ago and contacted us again to check our info for updated edition

CSB – Find a way to offer an email for later connection since EC Chair changes every 2 years

Update on SRN2021 (PR, All)

Status update, attendance, issues

PR – Conference going well. Factoring in live panel attendance (50-60) and online views (1,700 or so).  Only issues were last minute presenters withdrawing, causing schedule updates.  When we went online we had 118 papers for in person conference, retained 60% of them in recorded/online presence.  Feedback after first Keynote overwhelmingly positive.  This week Prof. Murray Smith.


Presentation of Vienna 2022 (dates, venues)

Claus Tieber will do this at second AGM.  Video will also be posted. Dates now change – set on Sept. 22, 23, 24, 2022.  U of Vienna has buildings scattered across city. Venue will be at building in northwestern section of time.  10 minute underground ride to city center.  

SRN Award: Prof. Janet Staiger standing down from Jury (ask Jule Selbo?)

EC election and roles (All)

Rota for current members who will remain in post

To assess nominations and whether Elections will take place (if so, closing at end of AGM on 13 September 2021). If not:

      1. Extension of mandate of current members ad interim
      2. New Call for Nominations with October deadline
      3. Online voting system

PR – 3 nominations for ECR. One for EC. Isadora Garcia-Avis nominated from ECR to EC by PR and RW.  New EC is now RW, RF, RL, MM, IG.  Need to fill proper roles.  I suggest that CSB role has less involvement – should blend with other roles as interim until next election. 

Two that can subsume Treasure/Resources Officer – can go along with Newsletter Editor OR Membership Coordinator.  

CSB – OR leave Treasurer vacant for a while since we don’t take in funds.

PR – Need to choose new Chair as I am stepping down.  Others returning need to decide if they will change or stay the same.

RW – We could use a Happy Hour.

PR – No we’re attending separate Sessions

MM – We could keep this time as it works for all of us here now and the new member is from Spain.

PR – Rose will you continue as Membership officer?

RF – Yes.

PR – MM how about you for Newsletter?

MM – I’m hosting a conference here next year so interested in being the Chair for one year and splitting it with someone else next year.

RW – I’d be up for splitting it in the 2nd year as I prepare the SRN 2023. So this year you’ll be Chair and I’ll stay on as Secretary.  Next year’ I’ll serve as Chair and you’ll step in as Secretary.

MM – I decided on this conference a week ago so can we discuss it?  It is in June each year.  We’d like to include SRN members.  We’d like to invite CSB to visit meetings to explain her Chilean regional conference.

CSB – Originally, the Chilean conference was to expand members into Latin America and for those who could not go to London that year.  

MM – Appreciated that you had translators and that will be useful for Asian presenters.

PR – The fruits of the Chilean conference can be seen in that Brazil has the most presenters attending.  And RL came to us from attending that one.

PR – Time to thank Anne Inglestrom for her service as the ECR.


Induction of new Early Career Representative (All, minus AI)

AI exits meeting.

PR – We have 2 ECR nominations.  Jan Chernick/ Czech Republic and Shaopeng from China.


Date of first “informal” meeting of new EC (if any)

    1. Soon after AGM, if new EC in post

    2. October, if new EC not in post yet

RW – Tuesday Oct. 21st for first.  Will be on Microsoft Teams via MM. 

CSB – WE all thank PR for his excellent job as a Chair in the midst of all the chaos that was created by the pandemic.  Then his exceptional work creating the online version of SRN2020/2021 which will lead to other ways to use the online technology to keep SRN members connected between conferences. 

RW/RF – Likewise many thanks to CSB for all her work for the EC and the SRN over the years. She is the reason so many of us are involved in the EC and we are so happy for the opportunities she made possible.


Any other business

PR – Online offers us a chance to stay in touch between conferences.  

MM – Might need a 3 year business plan for use of technology/social media.

Date of next meeting: TBD (see item 7)

Calls for Nominations: Members of the Executive Council and ERC

The Screenwriting Research Network has released two Calls for Nominations:

The first is to the SRN Executive Council, as three (3) members will be elected at the next AGM to fill the expected vacancies and serve for two academic years (2021-22 and 2022-23). More information about this call can be found here.

The second is to serve as Early Career Researchers representative (ECR) on the SRN Executive Council for the academic year 2021-22. This is an appointment made by the Executive Council (i.e. no election), as with any co-opted member as per SRN Constitution. More information about the ECR role and the call can be found here.

SRN welcomes all nominations from the Membership!

SRN Executive Minutes – May 2021


Monday 17.5.2021 at 10 pm BST/GMT/UTC+1 (via Zoom)

Circulation list: Carmen Sofia Brenes (CSB), Rose Ferrell (RF), Ann Igelström (AI), Rafael Leal (RL), Margaret McVeigh (MM), Paolo Russo (PR), Rosanne Welch (RW)


1. Apologies for absence


2. Minutes of previous EC Meeting for approval

Approved as accurate. PR to send final version to RL for upload to website, as usual.

All pending Action Points have been either discharged or itemized below in the agenda.

3. Proposed amendments to SRN Constitution (PR, All)

PR circulated a memo (see attached) with the proposed amendments to the SRN Constitution: specifically, these would apply to articles 7.1 and 5.9 so as to formally allow holding AGMs and EC Elections by virtual means in cases of force majeure. External advice was also sought from other members of the SRN in good standing – i.e. Ian W. Macdonald, Eva Novrup Redvall and Claus Tieber – all of whom gave positive feedback. 

CSB suggests seeking advice from a few more members as well: e.g. Kirsi Rinne and Ronald Geerts. 

ACTION: PR to consult a few more members before finalising the draft with the proposed amendments.

It was noted that the proposed amendments are in line with the SRN Constitution anyway, especially with the existing provision of article 7.6 which allows the use of “technology” to consult the Membership on relevant issues. A key aspect to take into due account is to make sure that whatever the chosen technology it will give easy access to the Membership worldwide.

CSB asks whether there will still be a “confirmation vote” on the amendments (assuming the motion is carried) at the next AGM held in presentia. PR confirms this is the plan.

Regarding the clause requiring two thirds of the currently active Membership to pass the motion for the proposed amendments, CSB and MM raise concerns about the likelihood that as many members will reply via email or respond to the Call at all. PR clarifies that the Call to Membership will make it very clear that those who don’t cast their vote will be treated as giving “silent consent”. This is also the case at any AGM held in presentia, which is usually ever attended by a fraction of the membership. 

PR stresses the importance of giving enough notice and time to the Membership to cast their vote: this could be 30 days (or 4 weeks) from the CTM, with a view to collect all votes and ratify the result by the June EC meeting.

The EC approves the draft of the proposed amendments as is, as well as the suggested action protocol to issue the Call to Membership and appoint an external scrutineer. 

ACTION: PR, RW, RF and RL as per attached memo.

4. Update on SRN2021 Seminar Series Online (PR, All)

On the back of having attended about 20 online conferences/seminars in the past few months, PR will suggest that all paper presentations be pre-recorded to avoid technical issues. This will also allow for better use of the chosen video-conferencing tool. Once a schedule/format is finalized in the next few weeks, PR will send out guidelines to the delegates. Following the pre-recorded presentations, there will be live sessions for related discussion fora, for a maximum of 5-6 hours per day. 

PR will redesign the SRN2021 website over the Summer to make it work as the main content navigation hub for the Seminar Series.

After surveying all shortlisted delegates intention to participate, at the moment PR reports expecting 93 papers. Live sessions will have to be planned by geographic areas due to the 20 different time zones involved. Within each geographic area, panels can then be formed according to themes/topics. PR suggests one-hour slots per panels of 3-4 speakers each who will each give 5-minute summaries of their paper, followed by up to 30 minutes questions/discussion. Questions can also be collected via asynchronous means in the hope to allow many points of access for fullest sharing of ideas.

“Plenary” sessions will still include two keynote speakers (Murray Smith and Elizabeth Kilgarriff have confirmed availability but PR will follow up with them anyway in the next few weeks); the AGM, including the EC elections (this session will be run twice so as to allow as many members as possible from different time zones to attend); and the SRN Awards, including the winners’ lectures.

Moreover, round tables and networking meetings with the Working Group are possible. PR is also planning to invite a few professionals from the industry as special guests (pending availability). 

All live sessions will be recorded and will remain online via the SRN2021 website (until subscription expires). 

MM congratulates PR on the planning work and observes it can be challenging to stay attentive to papers for longer than 20 minutes. RF agrees with MM on ‘short and sharp’ presentations. 

MM suggests taking advantage of the switch to the online format and invite shorter presentations to allow for a more interactive conference, with abstracts on the website to contextualize the presentation. It also means that the overall time and, hopefully the organizational efforts, will be reduced, thus making for a leaner event in terms of scheduling.

PR welcomes the suggestions and will make sure that there is a degree of flexibility in the format of the presentations. The overall event format is still work in progress and any suggestions are welcome. For instance, PR suggests that the comments section of the video-presentations on YouTube could be enabled to allow speakers and members to comment asynchronously, regardless of when any live session is scheduled.

MM asks whether there will be a registration fee. PR confirms that, as things stand, the plan is for the whole event to be free: the School of Arts at Oxford Brookes University has agreed to fund the few expenses to cover keynote speakers’ fee and the prize money for the SRN Awards. However, delegates will still be asked to register in order to receive the Zoom links/passwords etc.

MM asks whether there might be any copyright issues to consider regarding speakers’ papers being posted online. PR underlines that rights to whatever materials/content will be posted will be retained by the delegates in accordance with the laws of their respective countries. PR and RL will figure out a way to make sure that only registered delegates have access to those materials. 

PR also confirms that, based on current laws (e.g. the Copyright License Agreement), it is possible to make fair use of clips or other copyrighted materials within the paper presentation as it is for education/research purposes, as long as sources are quoted.

PR outlines alternative scheduling options: e.g. two days weekly with no parallel sessions or one day weekly with two parallel sessions, for a total of four weeks; also possible, every other week or two consecutive weeks, a one-week break, then two more weeks.

RW would prefer a programme with parallel sessions so as to stick with one particular day a week, also in light of the fact the many colleagues will have started teaching at their respective universities; whereas, too many days might cause more timetabling clashes. RF also agrees that parallel sessions will keep the members more interested and focused.

The EC agrees tentatively on the following format: one day weekly with parallel live sessions whenever necessary/viable, beginning the week commencing on Monday 30 August 2021 for two weeks, then two more weeks after a one-week break.

ACTION: PR to work out format based on the above.

AI is also planning an ECR Symposium (see minutes from previous meetings). Assuming the SRN2021 Seminar Series Online will follow the format suggested above, this means that it will be over by the end of September. The ECR Symposium can therefore follow up in November as a separate, distinct but, at the same time, related event.

PR notes that at least one fourth of the shortlisted delegates for SRN2021 are ECRs anyway and therefore having the Symposium later in November will allow them to take part in both should they wish so.

MM hopes that PR will have people to help on this planning. PR confirms that a couple of colleagues from his department will be helping out as well as several other SRN members from other geographic areas who have offered to assist once the format is settled.

5. Other updates:

  • Newsletter

MM reports about the latest issue published in April, which attracted less submissions than usual. The next issue should come out in June/July and could be a special issue focused around the SRN2021 Seminar Series. PR will pass on relevant information as the organization progresses in the forthcoming weeks.

  • Social media

AI notes that posting has slowed down slightly in the last few weeks, perhaps due to everyone’s awaiting info on the conference.

ACTION: AI to post info on CTM re: the amendments to the SRN Constitution as soon as ready; then to focus on the Seminar Series and, finally, on the ECR Symposium (including a CfP) in the forthcoming weeks.

  • Items for June meeting agenda to include: Results of CTM (see above), EC Elections Call for Nominations, Membership update, planning of EC Annual report and Activities Plan for 2021-22

The EC approves the suggested agenda for the June meeting.

6. Any other business

There was no other business to discuss.


Date of next meeting: Monday 21 June 2021, 10 pm BST/GMT/UTC+1 (consider DST; refer to shared DOC for each country’s time zone)

SRN Executive Minutes – April 2021

Minutes of SRN EC Meeting

Monday 19.4.2021 at 10 pm BST/GMT/UTC+1 (via Zoom)

Circulation list: Carmen Sofia Brenes (CSB), Rose Ferrell (RF), Ann Igelström (AI), Rafael Leal (RL), Margaret McVeigh (MM), Paolo Russo (PR), Rosanne Welch (RW)


  • Apologies for absence


  • Minutes of previous EC Meeting for approval

All pending Action Points have been itemized below in the agenda.  

The minutes are approved by the EC as accurate. RL will upload on the website to make them available to the Membership as per usual.

  • Update on SRN2021 conference (PR, All)

PR submits a memo to the EC for approval, outlining pros and cons considering all information available at present. The main unresolved issues are: in-person events will still require safety measures in place (face covering, social distancing etc.) and restrictions (even extreme ones such as total travel bans) will be in place for incoming visitors to the UK. In short, IF all goes well the UK should lift restrictions and allow public events by the end of June 2021, but with quarantine and testing protocols in place. However, the above still does not take into account situations in all the delegates’ countries. Finally, academic travel and insurance will likely not allow members to participate.

The EC agrees unanimously that the conditions to run the SRN2021 Conference safely in presentia in Oxford are not met and therefore it will be cancelled and replaced by an alternative online event.

Re: the suggested online alternative event, PR confirms that: 1) The School of Arts at Oxford Brookes University will fund the keynote speakers, the SRN Awards money prizes, and the event’s website subscription for two more years; 2) The two keynote speakers (i.e. Murray Smith and Elizabeth Kilgarriff) have confirmed their availability, regardless of the event format. 

PR and AI have met to discuss the inclusion of a proposed Early Career Researchers event as part of the SRN2021 online event as well.

PR suggests splitting up the planning of the event sessions based on geographic regions/time zones, scheduling one or two days every few weeks in September/October/November. There could be an opening day for plenaries (e.g. keynotes) and a closing day at the end for the Awards and the AGM.  PR is also in talks with more special guests from the industry (TBC).  

All presentations can/should be pre-recorded and circulated via the SRN YouTube Channel before the event in preparation for the relevant Q&A sessions to be run live via Zoom. Both the pre-recorded presentations and the recordings of all live sessions will remain accessible after the event for further access and research.

RF notes that it would be exciting to bring in practitioners to enhance the online experience. 

PR points out that the EC will have to discuss an amendment to the SRN Constitution to allow the running of the AGM online as well as an alternative protocol for the EC elections. Such amendment will have to get Membership approval and formally confirmed/voted/seconded at the next in-person AGM in Vienna in 2022.

ACTION: EC to discuss amendment to SRN Constitution in May 2021 meeting.

ACTION: PR will email Membership tomorrow re: SRN2021 cancellation. RL to post announcement on the website and AI to post on Facebook page. 

ACTION:  PR to draft memo for alternative online event in forthcoming weeks.

PR also reports back from a meeting he had with the SRN Award Jury members recently. The Jurors agreed to hold the Awards this year even in case SRN2021 will have to switch to an online alternative event, also to avoid having 3 years’ worth of nominations in 2021. Janet Staiger also suggested (seconded by the other Jurors as well) that the Jury should inform the EC and the winners in advance (likely by August 2021), so that the Awards can be turned into mini event with the two winners giving short lectures about the underpinning research of their publications. The EC approves and commends the suggestion.

PR also met online with Claus Tieber re: SRN2022 Vienna to be announced during the online alternative event this coming autumn. The SRN2022 Conference will take place at the University of Vienna, Austria, on 29th-30th September and 1st of October, 2022.

The option of pushing/rescuing Oxford as a conference host city in 2025 will be discussed next academic year.

  • Other updates:

  • Social media

AI sums up upcoming scheduled Facebook posts: Cancellation of SRN2021, ECR event once planned, a reminder of the SRN Awards deadline at end of May, a scholarships as per email received from Craig Batty. 

  • Website

RL confirms that the formal renewal process of the website hosting by the University of Leeds is underway although not complete yet. 

RL also reports stats re: users’ access to the website. UK, US, China and Australia top the stat, with  Sunday mornings being the busiest. 

PR proposed to hold off updating/revamping of the website once renewal of host is finalized and once the more urgent matters re: the AGM, the EC elections and the SRN2021 online event are dealt with.

  • Newsletter

MM informed PR that she has sent out a final reminder and that a few pieces are for the upcoming issue. The next issue will include updated info on SRN2021.  

  • Any other business


RF suggests implementing the use of a new membership online form. RL is available to create it.

RF updates the EC on the “We Welcome All” banner. RL confirm we will have to wait completion of the website host renewal from University of Leeds first as we need to find out which application they prefer us to use for it.


Date of next meeting: Monday 17 May 2021, 10 pm BST/GMT/UTC+1 (consider DST; refer to shared DOC for each country’s time zone)

SRN Executive Minutes – March 2021

Minutes of SRN EC Meeting

Monday 22.3.2021 at 9 pm BST/GMT/UTC+1 (via Zoom)

Circulation list: Carmen Sofia Brenes (CSB), Rose Ferrell (RF), Ann Igelström (AI), Rafael Leal (RL), Margaret McVeigh (MM), Paolo Russo (PR), Rosanne Welch (RW)




1. Apologies for absence 


2. Minutes of previous EC Meeting for approval

All pending Action Points have been itemized below in the agenda.

The minutes are approved by the EC as accurate.

3. Update on Newsletter (MM)

MM will post call for April issue after Easter – considering new theme – e.g. sharing online teaching ideas/experiences, having to work around unexpected issues such giving instructions to students online and leaving questions of how to create group identity. Plus updates re: EC activities, conference etc. 

The introduction of non-English languages worked well, was easy to implement and coordinate and therefore should be continued, whereas the theme could change.

The Newsletter can also include an update re: the SRN Awards

ACTION: PR to meet jurors next week for an update.

ACTION: MM to prep call for Easter issue.

4. Social Media 

4.1Update on Facebook posts

AI confirms regular posting and scheduling new posts.

4.2 Launch SRN Conversations

CSB reports back: 4 guests (i.e. the first 4 SRN Conference organizers). Mood was friendly and the level of the conversation was quite high. Each gave thoughts about organizing conferences and the interchange was so lively that the hour went by quickly. The EC will continue to plan more Conversations, and the format may vary (e.g. Q&A, virtual round table), also based on reactions from Members.

RL has already edited and posted the video on the YouTube channel.  

ACTION: PR to email announcement to Membership and AI to follow up with FB post by end of the week.

RL reminds the EC that the guests also sent in photos of the conferences. RL has created a photo album via Google photo, where we can keep collecting more with a view to creating a photo archive in the near future to share with Members. PR observes a photo archive will add to the historiography of the SRN and it’s best to start archiving materials now before they disappear in future years.

PR reminds that we will need to allow Members to take down photos of themselves should they not wish them to be publicly available online.  

5. Update on SRN2021 conference

PR reports back re: Zoom meeting he had recently Events team at the Conference venue to discuss current and future status in terms of feasibility. Some good news/some bad.  The spaces remain available and there is no need to put down a deposit until we can confirm an IRL conference will take place, which buys time and reduces risk of losing funding. 

The Venue has hosted no events since the pandemic broke out and all other events that were scheduled in 2021 have cancelled and moved online. 

In terms of Covid restrictions, in UK these are expected to be lifted by the end of June but there is talks that face coverings and social distancing could be enforced for up to 2 years and this needs to be accounted for: it means the main lecture theatres’ capacity will be reduced to 35-55 each (instead of 250). At present, we have no guarantee that catering can be supplied. The hospitality industry was hit the worst and contractors’ staff have been furloughed: they don’t know if and when they will be back in business. If catering is supplied, the most likely option will be pre-packaged lunches consumed with social distance in place, and it will cost more. 

As concerns delegates who must travel from outside the UK one needs to consider possible rules re: enforcing vaccine passports, the fact that in many countries the roll-out of vaccines is still very slow, and that in many countries universities are not awarding any travel funds to attend conference – which also implies possible insurance issues.

PR has discussed the option of running a hybrid conference with the Events Team: unfortunately, the venue does not have in-house capacity for that and therefore this would mean having hire an outside company: quotes for this begin at around £1300/day +VAT. These costs would add to the registration fees. 

If, eventually, we will have to switch to a fully online event, the sheer number of delegates from as many as 19 different time zones means that, very likely, sessions will have to be organized by geographic regions. One solution to this is to use an online format featuring regular weekly events rather than concentrate all in a few days which would imply several logistical problems. 

Some Members/delegates have come forward to offer to help arrange from around the world. 

CSB observes that Covid has forced us to be creative and therefore running SRN2021 as series of seminars (or study days) could be a useful experiment for any future situations that would allow SRN Members to keep gathering at least online. I’ve been in a few such seminars over the last year and it worked. Both CSB and RW note that their experience of attending similar online events in the past year has been generally positive.

PR points out that if we decide to proceed with the switchover to the different type of event – regular seminar series instead of one-off conference – the format will need some thinking too as some sessions could go live but many will need pre-recording with live discussion.

ACTION – PR to draft memo of potential new format for discussion at April’s EC meeting.

Should SRN2021 become an online event, the EC will have to discuss a viable way of holding this year’s AGM and Elections and whether this require any change the SRN Constitution and, if so, how these can be executed. RL suggests proposing the AGM online option to the Membership and an online vote for any changes to the Constitution which would allow us to run this year’s activities; all changes would then have to be confirmed for good by the in-person AGM at the 2022 conference in Vienna. Likewise, the EC elections could be hold as a combination of postal voting (via email) and in-person voting during the online AGM: also, voting by proxy could be considered.

PR adds that the online AGM could be split into two sessions based on time zones so it could be run live for all Members: the later session would repeat the main reporting in the exact same way. The EC will also have to figure out the appropriate protocol and an impartial Election officer to run these.

ACTION – EC to discuss alternative AGM, EC Elections and changes to Constitution by May, once SRN2021 format is confirmed.

RW notes that, should SRN2021 be turned into an online event, this would still require a lot of effort in terms of organization and running, but it would not be fair to consider SRN2021 as based in Oxford anymore. As a result of this, RW suggests that Oxford as a conference location be rescued and pushed to the end of the current queue (i.e. Vienna, Missouri, Brazil) in 2025. PR appreciates the suggestions and replies that it could be decided by the EC (minus PR) but TBC after the Vienna conference, by 2023 based on situation and funding at that later time.

ACTION – EC to discuss and approve Oxford 2025 if/once SRN2021 moved to online event.

6. Website: update on renewal from Leeds

RL reports good news that the School of Communication at the University of Leeds has finally agreed to renew the hosting of the SRN website for 5 more years, starting in August 2021 up and until July 2026. The School will also cover the related cost. 

RL will liaise with Leeds’ IT team to assess feasibility of revamping the website design. 

ACTION – RL and PR to run website audit to identify all needed changes/upgrades.

7. Membership

7.1 New form to collect missing members’ info

Item adjourned to April’s meeting but RL suggests use of Google Form templates to capture all the info instead of current form as it allows quick analysis of data.

8. Any other business

There were no other business.


Date of next meeting: Monday 19 April 2021, 10 pm BST/UTC/GMT (consider DST; refer to shared DOC for each country’s time zone)

SRN Executive Minutes – February

Minutes of SRN EC Meeting
held on Monday 15.2.2021 at 9 pm BST/GMT/UTC+1 (via Zoom)

Circulation list: Carmen Sofia Brenes (CSB), Rose Ferrell (RF), Ann Igelström (AI), Rafael Leal (RL), Margaret McVeigh (MM), Paolo Russo (PR), Rosanne Welch (RW)


1. Apologies for absence


2. Minutes of previous EC Meeting for approval

All pending Action Points have been itemized in the agenda.

Approved by all present

3. Website

Renewal of website host

RL confirmed Leeds University is willing to renew. Professor Claudia Sternberg will serve as liaison with the Admin Team at Leeds to cover fee (£ 100 a year) via her department budget. Ian MacDonald will manage contracts. RL will liaise with the IT team at Leeds to double check specs for the website.

PR remarks need to wait admin paperwork is finalized before discharging the issue, although this now looks like a favourable outcome.

RF informs the EC that she too had tried to liaise with contacts at Edith Cowan University who she thought might be interested. Although no reply was received, this could be an option to keep in mind for any future renewals.

Update on Call for translations for new slogan

RF has sent images of the banner with the “We Welcome All.” slogan. She asks whether each language should include the English translation. PR replies there is no need for it because the placement of the banner on the website will make the meaning self-evident.

RF asks RL how the animation of dissolving text can be made. RL suggests the easiest way will be to use a plug in. But Leeds may not allow even free plug-ins due to tech limitations of their web design.

ACTION POINT: RL to liaise with Leeds IT team to figure out the best way to update the banner. Then, RL to inform RF on how to proceed.

ACTION POINT: EC Members to review banner and offer suggestions to RF.

4. Membership update (RF)

RF informs that since the Porto conference (Sep 2019) 160 new members have joined the SRN, while 38 left the Network.

RF points out that some members, though, have simply changed email address and re-joined.

5. Newsletter (MM)

Adjourned to March meeting.

ACTION POINT: PR to contact MM to check whether an extension is needed for the forthcoming issue.

6. Social Media

AI reports recent post re: article by Sengupta on Hinduphobia.

PR relays two requests received from Members.

AI will post an obituary on Jean-Claude Carriere, who was one of the keynote speakers at the Brussels conference in 2011.

Another post will regard the Global Film Industry call for submissions to form writers’ networking groups.

AI informs of intention to post a Call for Abstracts reserved to Early Career Researchers to participate in an ad-hoc symposium (to be held locally or online via Zoom) in line with similar events organized by previous ECTs. The event would give a chance to Early Researchers to practice their presentation skills and to be heard by more experienced members of the SRN.

The EC agrees this is a commendable initiative and PR suggests the previous ECRs can share their experience with AI.

RF notes that even small symposia take a lot of work to organize, and shares news of event held at her university where ECRs did 3-minute presentations, followed by a 10-minute Q&A panel.

RL too shares a similar event he organized at his university: 4-minute pitches to a panel followed by a 4-minute feedback session.

PR notes that AI can of course consider various presentation formats – e.g. pecha-kucha (20x20x400”), traditional papers, posters, etc.

CSB suggests asking senior researchers to attend a few presentations so as to act as informal mentors. It is important to create connections with members who will represent the future of the SRN.

PR agrees that senior academics’ generosity should benefit younger ECRs, as it has always been encouraged within the SRN.

ACTION POINT – AI to keep EC updated on any development.

SRN history Zoom talks

RF has got very positive response from Ian, Eva, and Ronald about participating. In terms of format, there will be a lot of ground to cover, and therefore it would be good for this first event to be more “general”

RL notes that recording Zoom sessions looks best with 4 people on screen at any given time. The suggestion is to change the settings of the Zoom sessions so as to show the 4 guests on the screen. The host and any other attendees can add questions via the chat box. We can then assess whether this approach works and decide whether in the second event we should try a straight interview approach instead, with one organizer at a time.

PR reminds of the need to accommodate the time of the event around the various time zones of all guests and of CSB, who will be hosting the first session.

Action Point – RF to liaise with guests to confirm a date/time and coordinate organization with CSB, RL and PR. RL to help out re: tech support before/during event. PR to arrange recording via Zoom.

Update on SRN2021 conference

PR will send update to Membership within a few days. At present, there are three possible scenarios: 1) In person, 2) hybrid, 3) entirely virtual.

Current situation in UK: lockdown still enforced for several more weeks, although a review of the restrictions is expected on 22 February. This should lead to a gradual reopening of university campuses starting on 8 March. However, some restrictions may remain in place for a much longer time: e.g. a physical conference will likely still require social distancing (which implies a significantly reduced capacity of any venue) and wearing masks/face covering. Can a conference be run that way?

Furthermore: currently there is a travel ban (blacklist) from as many as 33 countries (most of South America and Africa) with at least 15 delegates coming from those areas. Travelling from all other countries is subject to strict restrictions: i.e. testing (in country of origin within 3 days of arrival, plus mandatory tests in the UK on day 3 and 8 after arrival) and 10-day quarantine with friends OR in approved hotels that come at a high cost for travellers.
Vaccines are being rolled out effectively in the UK, expecting most of the population to have been vaccinated by May/June. But the situation is dire in most other countries.

All of the above shows that it is necessary to develop plans B and C (i.e. hybrid and/or virtual).

Should the in-person option no longer be viable, PR notes that the main issue to deal with will be the 19 time zones that delegates come from. PR suggests alternative format for online conference by splitting delegates by geographic regions based on time zones: three may suffice (i.e. Americas, Europe/Africa/Middle East, and Asia Pacific). In this case, though, it could not be considered an “Oxford” conference anymore. CSB observes that it could still be if the organization comes from Oxford. But PR remarks how a global/online option will have to be arranged regionally and he will need several members to help in the organization and in the actual running of each satellite event.

Should this option be pursued, each regional leg of the conference can be run live, but all sessions will be recorded and made available online for all other members to watch offline.

RF asks when a decision will be made in case the idea of keeping the conference in Oxford has to be dropped. PR reply he hopes to make a decision by around Easter.

ACTION POINT – PR to send update on alternative scenarios to Membership.

With regards to AI’s plan to organize an event for ECRs, PR suggests finding ways to link it somehow to the Annual Conference (although not necessarily on the same dates) so as to avoid “marginalizing” it as a minor event.
Any other business
There was no other business.

Date of next meeting: Monday 22 March 2021, 9 pm BST/UTC/GMT (consider DST; refer to shared DOC for each country’s time zone)

SRN Executive Minutes – January 2021

SRN EC Meeting

Monday 18.1.2021 at 9 pm BST/GMT/UTC+1 (via Zoom)


Circulation list: Carmen Sofia Brenes (CSB), Rose Ferrell (RF), Ann Igelström (AI), Rafael Leal (RL), Margaret McVeigh (MM), Paolo Russo (PR), Rosanne Welch (RW)



  • Apologies for absence



  • Minutes of previous EC Meeting for approval

All pending Action Points have been itemized below in the agenda.

The EC approves the minutes which will be uploaded to the website.


  • Website

  • Update on Call for Hosts (RL)

RL will repost the Call – deadline 31 January. Any received bids will be considered at the EC February meeting.

  • Update on design of and Call for translations for new slogan (RF, RL)

RF is drafting text and design of Call for translations to post on FB and JISCmail.

PR suggests to post the call the week after the Call for Hosts (website) is issued.

  • Newsletter (MM, RW)

RW reports that from now on MM alone will be in charge of the Newsletter so that RW can focus on Secretary duties. All appreciated the December end-of-year issue idea. The plan is to have 4 issue per year – one per season, likely in March, June, September, December.

RF observes that the Newsletter in different languages was a wonderful welcoming idea and the more of that we can do the better.


  • YouTube channel

PR asks whether RL will be the next to record a message: this could be about the renewal of the website.

RW asks whether the Channel could/should be used for posting lectures by members. PR observes this should be discussed at next AGN to see if the members agree: if that were to be the case, the EC will need a plan for how to upload – and how often. Meanwhile, it is good to stimulate more posts on Facebook.

  • Social Media 

  • Update on Facebook posts (AI)

Upcoming posts include the EC Minutes, the Welcome slogan translation request, the website Call for Hosts reminder, a reminder to submit nominations for the SRN Award, research-archive post.

AI is thinking about posting about small conferences and organizing a small event for early researchers.  

Also, the outreach has been good with the FB posts on publications by members. The latter this have been so many this last year that it will be difficult to award the prize at this year’s conference.

ACTION – Include update on early researcher symposium when ready.

  • Update on SRN2021 conference

  • Responses to December survey so far (PR)

PR shares data/stats of responses to survey, which is generally positive and shows most delegates are still hopeful and willing to participate in some form. The purpose of the survey was to make sure there was a quorum of members still planning to attend. If too few had said yes we would have had no reason to plan further. This is not the case.

The current lockdown in the UK could be lifted by the end of March and the mass vaccination program being rolled out will help to improve the situation in forthcoming months. However, uncertainties remain – e.g. will social distancing still be in place? If so, the capacity of the biggest lecture theatre at the conference venue (normally 250) would be capped to 50 people. This means that even if attendees are willing to travel it might be difficult to actually congregate.

RW asks when a decision can realistically be made. PR figures/hopes by end of March/early April.  Trends and forecasts seem to show the worst of the current 3rd wave should occur this coming month, then wane and, thanks to vaccination, finally abate. By Easter almost half of UK should have been vaccinated. But then we need to factor in the situation in other countries the delegates come from. Will there still be travel bans? What about budgets for travel from universities? Will the UK require vaccination proof to allowing in travellers?

RW asks whether the necessary information can be broken down by countries? PR confirms he should be able to do so but it’s not going to be easy to collate or find a common solution. 

ACTION – PR to respond individually to all 100 delegates who responded to survey. 

RW asks whether PR will incur in a monetary loss in case he had to cancel the venue. PR reassures that the venue (i.e. the Mathematical Institute) took the reservation with no deposit needed upfront last Autumn. This means there won’t be any financial risks at least until the Spring when a contract will have to be signed if the conference goes through. 

PR reminds the EC that he is still pursuing the option of bringing the conference back to Oxford Brookes because if that was viable we would have more rooms at our disposal, which may allow to deal with social distancing more easily.

CSB asks about the virtual conference option? PR reports that 77% of delegates responded they would attend if the conference were to switch to a virtual platform. This scenario could include a hybrid format TBD and we would have to organize the technology around such an event.

However, PR points out a large number of practical issues that makes this option not easy to adopt: how do run parallel sessions online, live or recorded, with delegates from 19 time zones? Should we pre-record in some geographic zones and go live in others? And what happens to the AGN for the full membership?  

RW asks whether delegates were asked about need for travel funds? PR reports that many responded they would attend anyway.

PR puts to the EC whether a new Call for Papers should be issued. RF remarks that, rather than getting up hopes, it might be better to wait until we know when/how the conference will be held. If by April we are in a clearer place and a more realistic number can be assessed, we can still post a late Call for Papers. Therefore no action required here at present.

ACTION – PR to email update to Membership in early February.


  • Any other business

CSB notes that when members change universities their email addresses change too and they cease to receive emails. They should be reminded to connect with the Membership officer to change their addresses. 

PR reminds EC that there will be a Membership update at the February meeting at which point we could issue such a reminder to the Membership.


Date of next meeting: Monday 15, 2021 TBD, 9pm BST/UTC/GMT (consider DST; refer to shared DOC for each country’s time zone)